4 Instant Benefits Of Using CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, offers many benefits for those who struggle with conditions from seizure disorders to anxiety. CBD oil can be taken sublingually, blended for vaping, dropped into coffee, or rubbed into a sore joint for quick relief.


Stress hits different people in different ways. For example, stress can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and unable to act. In this event, a full dose of CBD may relax you but make it hard to work on what’s causing your stress.


If you find that you struggle to focus, consider using CBD to microdose. A single vape pen that can be disposed of when it’s empty can last for quite a long time if you only use it for a few puffs instead of the full dosage.


Microdosing is effective for:

  • holding off nerve pain
  • focusing your attention when you’re sleepy
  • fighting cravings


If you’re trying to quit using tobacco products, a microdosing vape pen can be a handy tool.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is more than just being nervous. Untreated anxiety can send us into a state of despair, chronic exhaustion, or depression. If depression hits, we may be facing a life-threatening situation.


On days when anxiety has you locked in a very unhealthy place, cbd softgels 900mg at the end of a long workday can help you to wind down before bed. Troubles don’t go away when we use CBD to manage anxiety, but they shrink them down to a manageable size.


For those who struggle with anxiety, the brain builds paths of an unhealthy, unhelpful thought. You may be concerned about money, your job, your workload, or any number of factors that make your life harder than they have to be. For many with anxiety, this running list of concerns get rolling around in mind, and no matter what you do, they can’t be stopped. CBD oil plugs into the nerve cell receptors agitated by anxiety and stops those rolling, destructive thoughts.


The ability of CBD to plug into these nerve receptors is what makes it so effective against seizure disorders. During a seizure, the brain is subjected to a high dose of uncontrolled energy. It can help to visualize the seizure state as an electrical storm in the brain.


For a person with seizures, tremors, or chronic pain, the CBD connection into the nerve ending that’s inflamed breaks the connection. There may still be electrical activity going on, but the brain path simply isn’t picking up or responding to the data.


Seizures are dangerous and exhausting. From chronic pain to severe tremors from inflammation, nerve disorders of any sort take away from focus and steal the joy from life. A simple sublingual dose of CBD oil can turn a dangerous seizure condition into a manageable health issue.

Pain Relief

As noted above, CBD’s chemical makeup allows it to plug into nerve cells and stop or shield the cell from data transmission. CBD is also showing promise as a tool to reduce inflammation and lower the destructive nature of many diseases.


Inflammation and pain are closely linked. For example, if you hurt your back and have a bulging disc, it can press on the large spinal nerves. This pressure causes inflammation, which can lead to muscle seizures. If the muscles in your low back start to cramp or seize up, it can impact your gait and change your stride, impacting your knees’ health, which can cause inflammation in your feet and ankles.


Getting a handle on nerve pain and inflammation as soon as a flare-up starts can save you a great deal of trouble. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation are terrific for a sore arm, but CBD should also be on the list to lower the inflammation’s damage.


Generally, you want to take edible grade tinctures by mouth and get a cream or lotion for a topical application. Edible oils can be hard on your skin, and the cream’s concentration is better suited to absorb into the skin. When considering adding CBD to your pain routine, consider pre-dosing. If you’re headed out for a hard run, microdose or take a half portion under the tongue for protection as you work out.


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