5 Celebrities Who Support the Use of CBD Products

5 Celebrities Who Support the Use of CBD Products


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With the information about the health benefits of CBD making headlines almost everywhere, it is essential to understand that even celebrities have not been left behind in advocating for the use and even legalization of these products. Many of these stars consider CBD products as safe and effective alternative medications for various health conditions. Besides, some of the celebrities also admit that they have been using CBD products to maintain their wellbeing and health.

Studies have shown that CBD and other products extracted from cannabis plant help in relieving body pain, sleep disorder, epilepsy, and anxieties as well as many other ailments. Moreover, CBD is free of a psychoactive effect that is associated with other cannabis compounds such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the other primary active compound found in this plant. It is thus safer for consumption as compared to THC as it does not make users to get high.

According to Ildi Pekar, a celebrity and an expert in face beauty therapy, CBD (especially hemp-derived), is an active ingredient in most beauty products as it contains omega-rich elements and a powerful antioxidant.

In general, cannabis has been attracting a lot of attention over the recent years, and some famous people have gone public to express their love and thus have played a critical role in its popularity. Here we look at the 5 celebrities who support CBD products:

1. Tommy Chong


Tommy Chong is a comedian-actor, musician and director who has been famous for making a public statement about his support for the use of cannabis. The celebrity had announced his trauma with prostate cancer, and came out a month later to reveal that he was already 99 percent cancer-free, while heaping praise on cannabis for making his journey to wellness possible.

According to Chong, many companies claim to offer CBD products with a potent formulation, but the only trusted CBD Company that provides products with a satisfying user experience is PotNetwork Holding, Inc.

Edible CBD gummies from the Company are particularly his favorite CBD products as they come with in different types and flavors. Diamond CBD, Inc, PotNetwork Holding provides sour gummies, sea creature gummies, worm gummies, cola gummies and watermelon gummies despite it being a wholly owned subsidiary company. In addition, the products are available in different sizes depending on the amount of CBD that you want them to contain.

Moreover, Chong has also partnered with Diamond CBD to release a product line known as “Chong’s Choice CBD.” The product line offers a variety of products, including gummies, vapes, and CBD oils. It also sells and markets several other brands in many retail stores across the U.S.

2. Whoopi Goldberg

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Comedian and actor Whoopi Goldberg came in the limelight after her casting in the “Sister Act.” The actress has been open to the public about her use of marijuana products and has revealed that she used a vape pen to treat her glaucoma and stress. Whoopi is also walking the talk as she is setting up a medical company for cannabis products called Maya & Whoopi. The firm offers tinctures, topical, CBD-edibles, topical, salves as well as THC-laden bath soak.

3. Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore is a singer and actress that has publicly revealed that she uses CBD-infused lotion to relieve pain on her heel after getting tired of donning the carpet in high heels. She particularly likes the Lord Jones Pure CBD Body Lotion, which is also a favorite product for other stars like Olivia Wilde and Jamie Alexander.

4. Montel Williams

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Montel Williams is another famous actor that has contributed to boosting the popularity of CBD products. In 2016, he was found to have cannabinoids in his luggage by police in Frankfurt while traveling through the airport. Fortunately, the actor was released as he was able to prove that the cannabinoids where CBD prescribed by a licensed doctor as a product for medical use. Williams has been in support of the legalization of CBD products ever since he used it to manage his Multiple Sclerosis condition back in 1999 and found relief.

5. Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman is an award-winning narrator that also used cannabis to overcome chronic pain while trying to recover from injuries sustained in a tragic accident that happened in 2008. He has reportedly used various brands of CBD products to help ease his pain from this tragedy. The celebrity is now an activist and a person who is known to advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Final Verdict

Overall, many other celebrities have supported the use of CBD products, but these are some of the famous people who have greatly contributed in boosting its popularity. Most of these celebrities have shared their success stories after using CBD products and have publicly supported the legalization of these products.


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