Can CBD Oil Treat Arthritis Symptoms?

Can CBD Oil Treat Arthritis Symptoms?


Several people use cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a remedy for chronic pain. Apart from providing other health benefits, CBD oil helps relieve inflammation, pain and also reduce the overall discomfort that is associated with various health conditions. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, and it contains a chemical compound that is found naturally in hemp and marijuana plants. Besides, cannabidiol is not a psychoactive compound unlike the other primary active cannabinoid called THC, which causes the “high” feeling often linked to cannabis.

A number of studies on CBD oil have shown tremendous and promising results in pain management. Therefore, CBD oil can be a remedy for people who suffer from chronic pain and alternative treatment for those who depend on habit-forming and dangerous medications such as opioids. Nevertheless, there should be more research to verify that CBD oil offers pain-relieving benefits.

Here we discuss the potential benefits of CBD oil for arthritis symptoms such as chronic pain and inflammation, keep reading to learn more.

How Does CBD oil Work?

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In the recent past, researchers have started focusing on the effects of CBD oil on a variety of health conditions that cause pain like rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The results of these studies are so far auspicious.

Studies have shown that CBD oil affects brains activity, but not as THC does as it is not psychoactive. The cannabidiol oil works by interacting with two receptors in the body, namely CB1 and CB2 to help relieve pain and reduce the effects of inflammation.

Besides, the CB2 receptor also plays a key role in the functioning of your immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis results when your immune system attacks the tissue in your joints, thus causing severe pain. Therefore, the relationship between CB2 receptors and the immune system could potentially offer a clear explanation of why CBD oil could be effective in treating RA symptoms.

Finally, CBD oil also offers anti-inflammatory effects that could play a key role in slowing down or preventing the progression of Rheumatoid arthritis. There are many ways to relieve arthritis and joint pain such as tumeric. To learn more about tumeric benefits as a viable option please check out our friends at Lyfe Botanicals. Remember, RA is a serious condition that could potentially lead to permanent joints damage over time as well as significant discomfort due to the chronic pain associated with it. Its anti-inflammatory effects could also help overcome a number of other inflammation symptoms associated with RA, such as fever and fatigue.

CBD Oil and Arthritis Pain Relief

According to studies, arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans making it the leading cause of disability in the U.S.  The most common types of arthritis include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

As mentioned above, RA is a condition where the immune system attacks joints leading to inflammation. Usually, this type of arthritis affects the feet and hands causing swollen, stiff and painful joints.

  • Osteoarthritis (OA)

This refers to a degenerative illness that affects bones and cartilages leading to stiffness and pain. Osteoarthritis often affects the joints of the knee, thumb, and hip.

Arthritis types

Several studies have been done on animals, which suggest that cannabidiol could potentially help in treating arthritis and reducing the pain that result from inflammation. Some of these studies include:

Research done on rats in 2011 revealed that CBD is effective in reducing inflammatory pain by affecting how pain receptors respond to changes in the environment. This was followed by a review of the existing body of research on animals in 2014, which found that CBD could be an effective treatment for Osteoarthritis.

In 2016, a study was done on the use of CBD in rats with arthritis, where the researchers applied CBD gel to rats for four consecutive days. The research revealed a reduction in inflammation and overall pain in all the rats suffering from the joint ailment without causing any side effects. A study in 2017 revealed that CBD might be a safe and useful treatment for joint pain that is associated with Osteoarthritis.

However, the studies that would provide scientific evidence that CBD is an alternative treatment for arthritis in humans are inconclusive for now. In 2006, a study was able to reveal that Sativex (a cannabis-based mouth spray) helped to relieve arthritis, though the product contains both CBD and THC.

Where to Buy Pure and Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil is available through many online outlets, though it is even available in drug stores and some clinics in places where the existing laws allow. However, it is advisable to research and get the best CBD companies to ensure that you purchase the ideal product. You can as well order you CBD oil from CBD Biocare here, which is a reliable brand and one of the most popular CBD companies to enjoy a 5% discount off. To apply, put “theCBDreviewer” at the Coupon Code Section at the check out.


Overall, there is no scientific evidence that could conclusively support the use of CBD oil as the most effective way of managing pain, but most researchers believe that these products have great potential. This means that CBD products can help relieve chronic pain without causing dependence and intoxication. CBD is natural compound that is not psychoactive, which means that it does not pose any significant risks to users, but minor side effects may occur. Finally, CBD oil is available through many online outlets as well as drug stores and some clinics in places where the existing laws allow.


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