Can CBD Treat Digestive Disorders like IBD, IBS and Crohn’s Disease?

Can CBD Treat Digestive Disorders like IBD, IBS and Crohn’s Disease?


Most digestive diseases could be acute or chronic and long-lasting such as the Crohn’s disease. The need for an effective medicinal or medical solution is essential when you have to deal with the symptoms of chronic digestive condition every day. However, the solution should help overcome the symptoms of the condition without causing side effects. Fortunately, the management of the disease is possible due to the advancement in medicine today but it is hard to avoid side effects in conventional drugs.

Usually, side effects result from the nature of treatment such as the use of steroids and surgeries. The recent studies on alternative medicine focus on the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD). It is also less risky and has limited side effects as compared to conventional treatment approaches. For instance, relevant animal studies and clinical studies reveal that CBD has a relatively better side effect profile than other drugs that are used in treating psychotic conditions and epilepsy.

CBD (Cannabidiol) and Crohn’s Disease


This is an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), which causes some severe complications including weight loss, malnutrition, fatigue, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Unfortunately, the exact cause of the condition is not clear, but it is likely that result from an inflammation triggered by an abnormal immune system response. Crohn’s disease might also be as a result of the presence of particular bacteria in the intestine. Besides, there are some theories that suggest that other factors play a role in causing the bowel disease. These factors include genes, diet, and environmental condition.

Apart from its serious symptoms, it is also important to mention that Crohn’s disease does not have a cure yet. However, the progression of this bowel condition can be managed by using immunosuppressants and steroids. Generally, the treatment plan for a patient with the disease involves inducing and maintaining remission, enhancing his or her quality of life and reducing the side effects of the treatment.

Luckily, most of the side effects associated with conventional treatment are not a cause for concern such as insomnia, puffy face, weight gain, hyperactivity and night sweats. Nevertheless, there are some severe side effects, which include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, glaucoma, and cataracts. This explains why the potential of CBD in Crohn’s disease treatment should be welcomed as a way of relieving the symptoms and reducing the side effects.

CBD for Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Gastrointestinal issues can be frustrating and can greatly affect your personal and professional life. In recent years, the use of cannabis compounds (cannabidiol) in the management of these problems has become popular. Studies have shown that cannabinoid therapies can potentially assist CB1 receptors in the gastrointestinal system in regulating symptoms such as vomiting, pain, and nausea more effectively. Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, CB1 receptors in the body help regulate GI movement, food intake, cell production, and stomach secretions.

Can CBD Help Relieve Gastrointestinal Pain


According to studies, about 11% of the world’s population suffers from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which might lead to visceral pain from GI disorders and also causes other symptoms such as constipation and flatulence. However, the pain may not be related to IBS or any ulcers. The study also established that cannabinoids had a stimulating effect on receptors in the body, including TRPV1, CB1, and CB2, thus helps in reducing abdominal movement, pain alleviation, and managing diarrhea.

In addition, an animal study on mice that were used as representatives of humans experiencing GI symptoms revealed that management of the symptoms using cannabinoids could potentially help reduce lower pain and excessive movement of the gut.

The stimulation of particular brain receptors that bind with signaling molecules such as cannabinoids, dopamine, and serotonin is the cause of vomiting, nausea, and motion sickness. It also causes common symptoms of gastroenteritis, psychological illness, emotional stress as well as other conditions.

Besides, the research also revealed that patients who experience vomiting and nausea had lower levels of CB1 receptors and endocannabinoids as compared to those who did not experience the symptoms. The results suggest that increasing endocannabinoids can potentially help prevent vomiting and nausea that result from GI and other disorders. Another study found that the combination of CBD and THC in 1:1 ration, which is known as Sativex was effective in controlling these symptoms and had limited side effects.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the use of CBD products can effectively help relieve Crohn’s, IBS, IBD, and other Gastrointestinal problems.

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