Can You Guess the Baby Shower Theme for Kim Kardashian Baby? It Is CBD!

Can You Guess the Baby Shower Theme for Kim Kardashian Baby? It Is CBD!

We are all well familiar with who Kim Kardashian is, and so, it is no wonder that anything that she or her family does, is keeping us curious. That is one of the reasons why we currently get to spend our evenings watching season 16 of Keeping up with the Kardashians! There have been a lot of controversial reveals when it comes to the Kardashian family, and Kim does not fail to surprise us once again. The latest news about the Kardashian family is that Kim has finally revealed the theme of her fourth child’s baby shower! Can you guess what it is? How about a CBD-based baby shower? Yes, as we said before, Kim does not fail to surprise us!

Kim Kardashian is organizing a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth child!

Kim Kardashian, a billionaire, a wife to the famous artist and songwriter Kanye West, a marketing genius, and a mother to three beautiful children, is expecting her fourth (second via surrogate) child, as she hinted, in very early May to come and greet us. Although the exact due date is kept a secret, Kim has revealed that the baby is expected to be born in early May. And like any new mother, Kim also seems to be somewhat excited, somewhat losing her mind over planning the arrival of her new baby!

And because the due date is only about a month away from us, it is only natural for Kim Kardashian to start planning her baby’s shower. But Kim, as expected, was not interested in the usually popular baby shower themes and ideas. Instead, what she came up is a rather new, and controversial theme for her baby shower. For her son’s baby shower Kim is planning a relaxing event that is going to be CBD-themed. As Kim Kardashian has already told E! News, she has had a lot to deal with in this past year. That is why what Kim wants to throw for herself and her family and friends is a relaxing baby shower. 

According to E! News, Kim Kardashian is already obsessed with “everything CBD”! Although she has not revealed whether or not she is an occasional user of marijuana, or she simply uses CBD products, she apparently plans on using the products now for her baby shower! The plans that she has revealed until now is a tea ceremony with crystals, and quite a few alcoholic beverages because, after all, it is now Kim that is carrying the baby, so basically she is allowed a drink or two, right? And as Kim Kardashian has said – “I want a zen-like CBD-themed baby shower.” Apparently, Kim believes in the many beneficial effects of using CBD, especially its ability to relax your body and mind, without getting you high. It is truly the effect that we all can benefit from. 

But the issues do not stop there! As if it was not enough with all of the Khloe-Jordan-Tristan drama that the whole Kardashian family had to go through, Kim Kardashian has been freaking out about not getting her son’s room ready, nor do she and her husband Kanye have a name picked up for the new baby. Kim has revealed that she had considered naming the baby Rob after she loved brother, but it turns out that the name did not go really well with Chicago, North, and Saint, so the search continues. A lot of new mothers are feeling stressed as the due date is coming closer and closer, and when you are Kim Kardashian and have an empire laying on your shoulders, the stress is even bigger. So we really do think that the whole Kardashian family can benefit from the CBD-themed baby shower that Kim is planning to have. We can only say that we support Kim 100% in her idea for a rather controversial baby shower for a change! Our only hope is that Kim, the whole Kardashian family, and their friends will successfully get to enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD and perhaps even become regular users of the friendly CBD products. 


Getting to know Kim Kardashian in over the 16 years that the Kardashian family has chosen to keep their lives public, we have learned one thing – Kim wants to keep it big, exciting, and most of all, she loves to surprise us! And, once again, she did not fail to do that. As she has told E! News, she has started her son’s baby shower preparations, and we would never guess the theme. According to E! News, Kim Kardashian is planning a CBD-themed baby shower for everyone to enjoy in, relax, and welcome child number four in a much relaxing atmosphere. 





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