CBD and Sexual Health (Intimacy)

CBD and Sexual Health (Intimacy)


CBD and sexual health 2

The day-to-day activities present multiple variables that can influence your sex life. One of the most effective and safe ways to help improve your sex life is including CBD in the boudoir. A number of studies have shown that CBD has excellent potential to increase intimacy between partners. This is by relieving pain during sex and minimizing stress while inducing mental clarity and calmness.

CBD is a natural component in marijuana, which makes it a fantastic intimacy enhancer, as it is free of toxins. Besides, it is also non-psychoactive, and thus it does not cause any undesired effects.  CBD can also be taken at any time, and there is also no need to worry about the dosage. Taking a little amount of CBD can significantly influence your sexual life. It is delivered in numerous forms including balm, edibles, oil, vapor, or flower.

How CBD oil Works

According to studies, CBD mostly works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in our body. Investigations are still ongoing to help understand the interplay between CBD products and the brain since this is a new discovery.

However, some research has shown that CBD oil may affect individuals in different ways, and thus it may work uniquely for different individuals. Why should this be the case? Don’t our bodies and brains generally work in the same way?

Well, this is somehow true, CBD oil will have some effects on every individual, but there might be some slight variations in the experience of the two genders. Therefore, both sexes are affected in a slightly different way by the use of CBD oils and other marijuana products.

The difference in experience is likely to be because the two genders have different genetic makeup in terms of the chemical levels. Besides, individuals may vary in shape, lifestyle, size, physical health level, body mass, and more.

Ways CBD Improve Sexual Health


There are several ways in which CBD helps improve the intimacy and enhance one’s sex life. Here we look at the key ways in which it enhances sexual health and intimacy:

  • Relieves Stress and Sexual Anxiety

Different studies have revealed that CBD is an anxiolytic, which means that it helps reduce anxiety and stress naturally. The active cannabis compound works by activating the serotonin receptors in your brain. This ensures that your mind and body is filled with its own anti-depressants.

Moreover, the brain inhibits the release of chemicals that cause worry, fear, and inflammation. Research has shown that using CBD for sex life helps men have stronger orgasms, enhances sexual desire and ensures women do not have trouble in reaching orgasm.

  • Improves blood flow

Improved blood flow or circulation is essential when it comes to intimacy matters, especially for men. Research has revealed that CBD seems to help men experiencing erectile dysfunction that is caused by tissue damage and weakened blood flow.

Some studies have shown a toxin referred to as dioxin could potentially influence the sex condition. These toxins build up in our body over time because of environmental exposure and food consumption. CBD inhibits the dioxin from building up in fat cells and also helps flush it from your body.

  • . Improves Clear Thought and Communication

The brain is a complex organ that significantly influences our sex life. It has two interconnected systems, sexual excitation system (SES) and Sexual inhibition system (SIS). The two systems interact with each other to put you in the right mood for intimacy.

On the other hand, SIS inhibits sexual desire. If stress and anxiety build up, it becomes harder for the brain to reduce the influence of SIS and allow Sexual excitation system to take over. CBD helps reduce the build-up of anxiety and stress, which enables an individual to think clearly. Therefore, CBD induces a natural and smooth way oneself, thus enhancing the intimacy levels.

  • Relieves Pain

When engaging in intercourse, some individuals, especially women may experience pain. Studies have shown that women who have used CBD-based ointments and balms with high concentrations of CBD were more comfortable during sex. This is due to increased lubrication and improved blood flow due to the numerous health effects associated with CBD. In fact, women who use CBD oil while going through menopause give the same reasons when asked why they use it.

CBD is also beneficial to people experiencing chronic pain due to other reasons, including arthritis since this can also hinder one from enjoying a good sex life. With increased serotonin and decreased inflammation, our bodies will relax and feel at peak for better sexual performance.

Bottom Line

Overall, CBD offers an effective and safer way to enhance sexual health as well as intimacy as it is a natural substance with numerous benefits. Some studies have shown that CBD helps relieve health conditions that negatively affect our sex life, including inflammation, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Individuals who use CBD suffer less from symptoms of various ailments due to improved health, which explains why the sex life may also improve along with it.


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