CBD for Herpes: How Does It Help?

CBD for Herpes: How Does It Help?


Herpes is a serious disease that is incurable as it caused by a virus, herpes simplex. The condition is also responsible for numerous severe chronic human ailments, including cold sores, chickenpox, mono, and genital herpes. Once you are infected, the symptoms come and go as they tend to pop up when your body is under severe stress or when the immune system is depressed.

So, you still contain the herpes virus even if you do not have any active cold sores. Studies have shown that between 50 and 90 percent of the population has the virus, which is responsible for the condition that results in unsightly and painful oral and genital area breakouts.

Herpes simplex 1(HSV-1) and herpes simplex (HSV-2) are the most common forms of the virus. Research has revealed that between 30-95 percent of the general population in the US might be carrying herpes simplex 1 virus (also known as oral herpes). In addition, about 20 percent of the population has HSV-2, also called genital herpes.

Active sores can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing at the same time, especially if they are oral sores. Therefore, there is great need to get rid of them efficiently and as quickly as possible. Fortunately, some studies have shown that CBD for herpes offers a beneficial treatment option for the viral condition. This comes as a surprise because even though CBD has been around for years, many people have never heard of it being used to relieve herpes symptoms.

How and Why CBD for Herpes Works


Usually, all forms of herpes medications available today work as an anti-inflammatory or an antiviral. Coincidentally, several studies have shown that CBD is both a potent anti-inflammatory and a good antiviral natural substance.

As mentioned earlier, herpes outbreaks occur when your body is undergoing serious stress, especially during periods of immune-suppression, menstruation or emotional stress or during an illness such as flu or cold. Immune-suppression is likely to be caused by other medications. When the outbreak occurs, it means that your cell tissues in mucous membranes are under attack by the virus. This explains why herpes outbreaks mainly occur in the genital and mouth areas, which are the moist mucosal regions of the human body.

When the surrounding cell tissues are attacked, they severely become damaged, which invites the white blood cells to fight the attack. This is what leads to inflammation, pain, and appearance of the unsightly herpes blisters and sores.

Therefore, CBD is a safe remedy that helps relieve inflammation and combat immune response, which is triggered by active herpes outbreaks. Several scientific publications have recognized CBD as an effective anti-inflammatory due to its effectiveness in fighting foreign pathogens like HSV. Moreover, the cannabinoid is also known to aid in initiating cell and tissue repair, a property that plays a crucial role in the healing of the active sores and blisters.

Similarly, other studies have revealed that CBD displays great antiviral properties. A study by the University of London’s School of Pharmacy noted amazing activity in its ability to fend off and suppress foreign pathogens effectively.

As you might know, all the cells and tissues in the human body consist of cannabinoid receptors, which form the endocannabinoid system. The CBD works by interacting with this system to deliver its desirable effects to your body.  Usually, the basic role of the endocannabinoid system is the maintenance and regulation of internal homeostasis in the body.

What Are the Best CBD Treatment Methods for Herpes?

As mentioned above, numerous studies have shown that CBD offers great antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. However, it is good to specify that it does not display any psychoactive effects.

When it comes to CBD treatment methods, many people prefer to use infused topical ointments and creams directly on the herpes sores. Nevertheless, the use of CBD in the form of oil is the most direct and quickest method of using CBD for herpes. Oil tinctures feature a more potent formulation as compared to creams as they offer a higher concentration of CBD in a relatively smaller pack.

Therefore, oil tinctures have a high potential to fend off HSV pathogens and get rid of inflammatory-induced blisters and sores quickly. It is also easy to use as you are only required to place a few drops onto the affected region, and take 90 seconds to massage it for proper absorption.

Where to Buy Pure and Quality CBD Oil

CBD oil is available through many online outlets, though it is even available in drug stores and some clinics in places where the existing laws allow. However, it is advisable to research and get the best CBD companies to ensure that you purchase the ideal product. You can as well order you CBD oil from CBD Biocare here, which is a reliable brand and one of the most popular CBD companies to enjoy a 5% discount off. To apply, put “theCBDreviewer” at the Coupon Code Section at the check out.


Overall, CBD for herpes offers a safe and effective way to overcome the symptoms of this viral condition. Using CBD in the form of oil is the best treatment method when it comes to treating those unsightly and painful herpes blisters and active sores. However, it is important to mention that you need to pay close attention to the brand that you choose to use for better results and most importantly safety.


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