CBD Nasal Spray (500 mg CBD)

CBD Nasal Spray (500 mg CBD)

Whether you are looking for something to sooth or relax your mind, you can get yourself a bottle of CBD nasal spray 500mg. This product is made by Noetic Nutraceuticals, a company that provides the best products only for you.

Noetic Nutraceuticals specializes in enhancing the endocannabinoid system and offer a variety of CBD products for this function. The company derives happiness from making people smile. It is difficult for manufacturers to make products to completion. Some get spoilt due to poor proportioning of ingredients, and they get back to the drawing board. CBD nasal spray 500 mg is one of the Noetic Nutraceuticals’ successful products and has the following features: 


A. Size

CBD nasal spray comes in a 25 ml white bottle that opens and closes securely. It is, therefore, convenient to carry in your purse or your pockets since it won’t leak on you. The white color of the bottle could be a reflection of the pure value of the content inside. The product provides you with 2.5 mg on each spray.

B. Ingredients

The listed ingredients on the product are: Potassium Sorbate, CBD isolate, Organic Vanilla Flavoring, Saline, and MCT that amounts to 500mg. They are the active ingredients of the product that work together to give you a soothing and relaxing effect. None of these ingredients has been reported to have toxic effects in the body. Their quantities are well balanced to ensure that none is too much or too little than the amount expected.

CBD nasal spray does not contain any THC. Other than CBD, the product does not contain any other cannabinoids. It is vanilla flavored to make you feel comfortable when using. You can almost think you have had your favorite snack since the after taste of using this product is that of vanilla.

C. How to Use

The product is easy to use, and you almost get instant results (usually within 10 minutes after inhaling). Make sure you shake the bottle well before use. Make a few sprays in the air until it produces a fine mist. It helps you have better absorption and avoid hurting your nostrils. Do not inhale directly from the bottle. Instead, let the mist find you. Again, do not be too far from your nozzle to avoid wastage.

Snorting the product is not recommended. It has adverse effects on you such as loss of sense of smell and uncontrollable running nose which may last up to one hour.

Also, make sure you alternate nostrils on each spray you make. It gives time for the first spray you make to be absorbed before you finish inhaling the second. The recommended dose is between 6-7 sprays in a day, depending on the effects you want to get. However, there is no specific dose for this product. Different individuals have different desires, and some may take more than this dose.

Whichever dose you chose is right, since at the moment the manufacturer has not specified the amount we should take in a day.

D. Effects

Studies reveal that nasal CBD has a bioavailability of 34-46%. This percentage is about eight times the oral efficiency. CBD nasal spray 500mg is effective in traumatic brain injury (TBI). It works with CB1 and CB2 receptors and enables their activity with endocannabinoid. This activity then regulates your memories.

Also, CBD nasal spray 500 mg helps in dealing with the neurodegenerative condition. It helps your body to increase the production levels of endocannabinoid which increases its efficiency on neurological disorders caused by TBI. The organic vanilla is rich in antioxidants which help in reducing free radicals. As a result, the well-being of your heart is improved, and also the inflammation is reduced. When you have many antioxidants, your body heals fast in case you get sick.

The soothing effect of CBD nasal spray does not drop off instantly. Rather, it fades slowly, which allow your body to adapt to change and make it non-addictive.

E. Safety Precautions

The product is generally harmless and has no adverse effects. However, it should be kept where children cannot reach. The manufacturer recommends consulting a doctor before using the product if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, when you are on other medications, consult your doctor to know if your medication can react with this product.

People who are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the manufacture of this product should not use. If they must, they should do it under the supervision of a professional medical practitioner. It is worth noting that this product is not FDA approved. Thus, information contained in the product is the manufacturer’s stand.

F. Availability

The product is readily available in the market. It is relatively cheap, considering the benefits it comes along with. You can place a direct order from the producer on the online portal. If you reside outside the manufacturer’s country, you can have it shipped at a fee to your preferred destination.

If you have had unsatisfying results with other CBD products, it is time you try CBD nasal spray 500mg. You will notice a difference as the product work impressively. There are many CBD products available which can leave you feeling lost.

But, the good news is that with this Noetic Nutraceuticals’ product, you can never go wrong. You deserve value to both your time and money. This product provides you with both, and you will be amazed by its efficiency. Why not try it today?

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