Understanding The Connection Between CBD Oil And Autism

Understanding The Connection Between CBD Oil And Autism

We see products like hemp oil for pain relief promoted often, but there are other uses for tinctures, creams and other items contain Cannabidiol as well. One particularly interesting topic is autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder, most commonly only referred to as Autism, is quite a common condition in children. One report1 claims that as much as 15% of all children in the United States may be affected by Autism. They explain that, according to recent data, out of every 59 children born in the country, at least one will develop Autism.

Even though there is not enough data available to provide an accurate overview of how the best CBD oil tinctures and related products can be useful in providing a relief of symptoms, many parents have noticed improvements in their Autistic children with the use of CBD oil. In this post, we’ll take a look at how CBD oil could be a potential natural treatment option to help your child cope with the symptoms of Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism in childrenAutism is a condition that affects a person for their entire life. It is a developmental disability and causes problems with an affected individual’s perception on the world around them2. The condition is also known to have an adverse effect on how an affected individual is able to communicate and interact with other people around them, whether at school, in town, at the park, or at home.

Autism is classified as a spectrum disorder, which means there are certain factors of the condition that affect all people, but the symptoms and the way that Autism effects people defer from one patient to another patient. Even though difficulties can be faced with certain areas of life, it is vital to understand that a person with Autism will still be able to develop, as well as learn new things.

The main symptom that are caused by Autism in a person affected by the condition is usually anxiety. The individual sees the world differently from me or you. This, in turn, can overwhelm the Autistic individual and cause them to develop anxiety as a complication. Other mental disorders may also develop, such as depression.

One of the most important factors to be noted when it comes to Autism is the fact that an individual affected by the condition is not “doomed”. They can still live a fulfilling life and follow their dreams if they obtain the right type of support.

The Best CBD Oil As An Alternative Treatment Option

One of the most interesting discoveries in the research of Cannabidiol extracts was made back in 2013. A group of scientists performed certain clinical trials to identify benefits and potential drawbacks of Cannabidiol compounds and came to the conclusion that alterations in the Endocannabinoid system exist amongst children who suffer from Autism. This also led to further research3 being conducted on the use of the best CBD oil products in Autistic children. There is a need for more research to be performed on the topic, but we are already faced with a lot of valuable clinical data and other details to help us understand If CBD oil is a good option for children.

With this research data in mind, it became obvious that the use of CBD oil tinctures and other products might be a potentially effective way of up-regulating the Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 in children diagnosed with Autism. In turn, benefits are then to be expected.

One perfect example would be the story of Shifra Klein4. This mother had a son diagnosed with Autism on the age of 12. Since the initial diagnosis, her son was on a total of 13 different medications for Autism. None seemed to work effectively. She eventually decided to start using CBD oil to treat her son’s condition. Improvements were quickly seen in her son. Some of the particular benefits that Shifra was able to observe after she started giving her child CBD oil on a daily basis include:

  • Improvements in focus during his time at school.
  • The ability to focus on a task for prolonged periods of time.
  • A better ability to understand instructions provided to students in the classroom.
  • The ability to start and complete all homework subjects.
  • Improvements in his speech and eye contact.

This causes a call for more research into CBD oil for Autistic children. The fact that these oils do not produce any significant adverse effects, yet truly helps you, are important considerations before picking up your next prescription for your son or daughter with Autism. Instead, look at a CBD tincture review to help you understand what CBD oil product will work best for your child.


Autism is a condition that affects millions of children. The condition is considered a developmental disability and can have a significant adverse impact on an affected child’s life. The disability is a lifelong condition that does not go away, but management of the symptoms is possible through the use of certain treatment strategies. The best CBD oil products that contain pure forms of this oil has been proven to offer beneficial properties for alleviating symptoms that are associated with Autism in children.


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