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November Spotlight: cbdMD Review

November Spotlight: cbdMD Review

In 2018, the CBD industry is now considered to be at $1B. Needless to say, CBD-infused products are becoming more and more popular. Its popularity is largely due to the widespread health benefits and recreational qualities that CBD possesses, which can be relatively more effective than traditional medicine. Many users are discovering the benefits of CBD in terms of pain relief, relaxation, reduction of anxiety, and better sleep. In this article, we are gonna shed some light on one of the most famous companies in the CBD business which is cbdMD. 

CBD is now a booming business. There are dozens upon dozens of companies that formulate their own CBD-infused products. You may wonder how users can select the best out of a pool of choices. Here at our website, we offer you the chance to explore some of the best brands in the business. For this article, we’re going to introduce to you an American company that has its own farm and facility in the farming state of Kentucky. 

How cbdMD Was Founded

cbdMD was one of the first CBD-producing companies in the country to sell CBD-infused products through a network of providers, who then sell the products to patients. Just last year, cbdMD started their direct sales to customers without having to go through physicians. 

cbdMD sources its hemp from Kentucky and Colorado. In fact, they own and operate their own hemp-producing farms, as well as their laboratories and production sites. In Kentucky, the soil is enriched by waters going through the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Since the 1840s, Kentucky is the biggest producer of industrial hemp due to its rich soil composition and water supply.

The company also incorporates soil from the Rocky Mountains in their Colorado site. The diverse soil’s composition and nutrient profile are beneficial to the growth of numerous hemp strains. Through the years, the company has employed research and extensive cultivation in order to optimize plant growth. 

Today, cbdMD is one of the best and most professional companies that produce CBD-infused products that range from tinctures all the way to CBD oil for pets. 

CBD Oil Products

Due to their extensive research and development of CBD, cbdMD has a wide variety of products that keep their customers loyal. Here is a comprehensive list of the products available on their website:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures. cbdMD puts great effort into making sure that they deliver only the best and purest CBD oils. Through their Broad Spectrum extraction process, the beneficial compounds of the plant are preserved. cbdMD also makes use of top-notch, sophisticated equipment and a pharmaceutical grade lab to create safe and pure CBD Oil. Their most popular products, which are CBD Oil Tinctures, come in 30ml and 60ml bottles with varying concentrations (300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, and 300-mg). These tinctures come in different flavors such as Natural, Mint, Orange, and Berry. 
  • CBD Oil Capsules. For a more convenient way of ingesting CBD, cbdMD has compressed their CBD products into capsule form. These capsules also come in different concentrations from 450mg to 1500mg. 
  • CBD Vape Oil. Vape fans can rejoice with this unique CBD-infused product. cbdMD produces vape oil which has more beneficial effects than regular vape juice. Their vape oils are available in flavors Vanilla, Mint, and Orange while also coming in varying concentrations (300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg). 
  • CBD Topicals. If you don’t want to ingest or smoke your CBD, cbdMD has another option for you. Their topicals are made from high-quality ingredients which are specially formulated with CBD. Currently, cbdMD has CBD Freeze for pain relief, CBD Recover for anti-inflammation, and CBD Revive for moisturizing the skin. Similar to the products mentioned above, these topicals also come in different concentrations. Customers can also choose from tub form, squeeze form, or roll-on form. 
  • CBD for Animals. cbdMD has perhaps the most comprehensive selection of CBD products for animals. For dogs, they have CBD Dog Oil Tinctures and CBD dog treats. Cats can enjoy CBD Cat Oil Tinctures. Meanwhile, they also have CBD Oil Tinctures for horses. All of these products work in the same way: to provide our furry friends with all-natural relief. 
  • Companion Boxes. Here’s a treat for all pet owners. The Companion Boxes made by cbdMD contains both a CBD Oil Tincture for you and your pet. This is a great option for fur-parents who want to enjoy two products in one set (with a discount, too!)

How and Where to Buy cbdMD products

cbdMD is dedicated to providing consumers with the best customer service possible. For all of their orders no matter the quantity, it offers free shipping to anywhere in the United States. They use UPS as their courier, and once you order online, you can expect to receive the product in 2 to 4 business days. 

cbdMD Returns Policy

The company also values customer satisfaction. That is why they offer a refund policy if in any case, a customer is dissatisfied with the product. A customer can return the product within 30 days after the initial order, and cbdMD will provide a full refund. For packages that have been damaged during the shipping process, customers may submit a claim within three days after receiving the package. 

Bulk and Wholesale Offers by cbdMD

For customers who want to buy in bulk, cbdMD offers their products at wholesale prices. In fact, customers can become an official distributor by joining the cbdMD Wholesale Team. A wholesaler can provide his or her customers with premium products directly from their online store, shop, or dispensary. 

Moreover, cbdMD provides wholesale pricing that is sure to bring impressive returns of investment. Compared to other wholesale offers by other companies, cbdMD stands out. It’s safe to say that another benefit of wholesaling their products is that the company is considered a trusted brand and wholesalers will not have difficulty in making sales. 

Final Verdict

cbdMD is probably one of the most professional and legit CBD companies that we have encountered. Their website alone speaks for itself. Aside from providing utmost customer satisfaction through great customer service, their CBD products are unrivaled when it comes to quality, packaging, and purity. 

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