Genesee Protein Bar: Does It Provide You With The Nutrients You Need?

Genesee Protein Bar: Does It Provide You With The Nutrients You Need?

Are you feeling drained after your workout, as well as need fuel to reenergize you? It is what the Genesee Protein Bar (1) comes from.

Genesee Protein Bar is jam-packed with nutrition. It comes with a design specially for athletes. After a long and intense workout, this will provide you with the energy you need as well as help you recover. It is on-the-go nutrition.

Let’s find out more about this product as well as how it can help you.

About Genesee

A Colorado-based company, “Genesee,” (2) known for its top-quality as well as simple nutrition products, fill up the market’s void.

Like various other companies, the inspiration for Genesee comes from the personal experience of Will Carr (3), the founder. 

  • After pushing his body for several years, he developed turf toe pain. It was when he discovered the benefits of CBD (4). By taking this, he was able to ease his pain. 
  • However, Will Carr knew that the substance isn’t anything special. He also knew that he would be able to do more with CBD (5). It got him to work.
  • After significant research, Carr came up with a hallmark of Genesee items. These items contain all-natural ingredients that combine with water-soluble as well as broad-spectrum CBD.
  • The product that the company offers is straightforward and streamlined. The protein bar is one of the most popular products provided by the company.
  • Genesee is pretty transparent with what they offer to its customers. It is the reason you will find lab-test results by third-party on their website.

Once you use them, you are going to be a fan of their product.

Ingredients Of Genesee Protein Bar

Genesee protein bar is a great option for fuel as well as recovery. It contains a good amount of whey protein-hemp (6) combined with water-soluble CBD each bar.

You will find the protein bars in 2 different flavors (7), 

  • Cookies N’ Cream, as well as Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp. 
  • With these flavors, you might expect to get a significant sugar hit. However, you should know that the Cookies N’ Cream bar will keep your sugar in control as each bar contains below 10 grams of sugar. 
  • If you choose the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp flavor, the sugar content is as low as 6 grams.

The protein bar is all about the combination of CBD as well as electrolytes (8). They contain sodium, potassium, and B vitamin.

Genesee sources its hemp from Tennessee, Kentucky, as well as Colorado. To keep everything simple for the customer, they have only opted for broad-spectrum CBD. This kind of CBD comes with all the benefits of the plant extract.

Reasons To Get Genesee Protein Bars

Many companies have come up with exorbitant, hard-to-use, and unappealing CBD products such as gel cap (9), oil, and tinctures. However, Genesee has changed everything. It has come up with a Protein Bar that will fuel and recover you.

In case you are thinking about whether you should buy the product (10), take a look at the reasons you should.

  • Better Taste

One of the best things about the product is that it comes in two tasty flavors that make it easier to eat. Thus, it is better than the other ways of having CBD, such as oil tinctures. 

At times, people find it difficult to consume CBD oil even when they know about its benefits. For such people, the Genesee Protein Bar is a great choice.

  • High Protein Content

Genesee Protein Bar is rich in protein. The protein comes from all-natural ingredients. So, you don’t have to worry about it harming your health. 

These important nutrients are for fitness enthusiasts and athletes to build muscle tissue and require healing. If you have high-quality protein just after you exercise, it will facilitate muscle growth and repair. Thus, it helps in maintaining a high level of performance.

  • Relax And Recover

Since the bar has high protein content, it has become a must-have for athletes. It can boost performance naturally and help them to recover quickly. CBD is a natural compound that comes from hemp. 

It will support the endocannabinoid system’s (11) performance, the primary regulatory network important for functions such as energy balance, metabolism, and immune function.

Studies have shown that CBD helps in relaxing better and doesn’t get you high. You can also use CBD protein bars are a snack between meals. As it contains protein, it will make you feel full.

Who Can Have Genesee Protein Bar?

All adults can consume this CBD protein bar. However, if you are nursing or pregnant, it is better to stay away. Also, adults with pre-existing medical conditions should not have this protein bar as it can lead to some unwanted side effects.

Final Words

Genesee Protein Bar comes with the best quality nutrients. The bars have great taste, and all users love it. It comes with high protein natural food and broad-spectrum CBD. You can purchase them from the official website at a reasonable price.


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