Green Roads Review: Quality CBD Products Manufactured In The U.S.

Green Roads Review: Quality CBD Products Manufactured In The U.S.

CBD oil, a product that primarily relies on Cannabidiol extracts from Cannabis or Hemp plants, have become popular as an alternative remedy to many common ailments. These products are used to treat painful joints, headaches, anxiety, and have been proven useful in the treatment of cancer and the many side-effects that develop during chemotherapy. The popularity of Cannabidiol in modern alternative medicine has resulted in thousands of companies producing their own products with this extract as an active ingredient. While there are many quality brands out there, not all of them offer CBD oil products that are safe and effective. Green Roads, a company based in the United States, have popped up on the radar of major news publications recently. The brand claims to be one of the best in producing oils, topical creams, edibles and other product varieties that utilizes Cannabidiol extracts to provide users with a range of benefits.

Today, we are taking a closer look at what Green Roads is all about, what products they offer, and whether this brand of CBD oil products is truly worth your money. 

The Green Roads Brand

Green Roads, also known as Green Roads World, is an American brand of CBD-based products. This company is unique in the fact that they often go the extra mile in order not only to ensure customer satisfaction but also to ensure that their products are of top-quality and completely safe for each user. The founders of this brand believes that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that do not introduce a person’s body to the chemicals and toxins often added to these drugs – and they believe that Cannabidiol, as well as other Cannabinoids found in Cannabis and Hemp plants, hold the answer to treating many ailments and diseases. 

More than one million customers have purchased CBD oils and other related products from the official Green Roads website. Additionally, the brand is stocked with more than 5,000 local retail stores within the United States. 

Apart from truly caring about their customers, another factor that makes this brand stand out is the fact that every single formula they offer has been developed by licensed pharmacists who are part of the company. Furthermore, all of their products are tested for safety and quality at a third-party facility, known as Desert Valley Testing. This does not only ensure that the products that the brand offers are of high-quality but also ensures no chemicals or harmful substances are present that may cause adverse effects on the user. 

What Products Do Green Roads Offer?

One thing we really liked about Green Roads is the fact that they continuously spend their time and resources in researching new ways that CBD and other Cannabinoids can be used in products to increase the bioavailability of these compounds in the user’s body. This has led the brand to develop an impressive variety of products that they sell to their customers today. 

Similar to other brands that specialize in CBD products, the primary range of products from this brand includes their range of CBD oils. The brand does, however, invite those customers shopping for CBD oil to take a look at their range of alternative products as well. 

Some of the other CBD product types offered by Green Roads include:

  • CBD Syrups
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Terpenes
  • CBD Oil products for pets
  • CBD Pain Creams
  • CBD Concentrates
  • CBD Edibles

In addition to this attractive line of CBD products, another noteworthy range of products that was recently announced by this brand is their line of beverages. Green Roads partnered up with a company locally in the United States to help them produce coffee and tea products that utilizes Cannabidiol.

At the moment, the brand offers three different beverage products that contain Cannabidiol extracts. These include:

  • CBD Decaf Coffee
  • CBD Coffee
  • CBD Chamomile Tea

These beverages were developed to help lower the user’s blood pressure, improve digestive function, and to help boost their energy at the same time. They are made from organic materials and, according to Green Roads, may also help to stabilize blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss. 

Is Green Roads An Affordable Brand?

Not all products containing Cannabidiol extracts are made in the same way, which is why it is rather difficult to outright decide whether Green Roads or any other manufacturer of these products are affordable. When it comes to Green Roads, we did find that some of their prices are higher as competing brands, especially when we look at their range of CBD Oil tinctures. For example, a 1000MG tincture will cost you $162.99 at this brand, while some other brands provide 1000MG CBD oil tinctures for a price of just under $100. 

This, however, does not necessarily make Green Roads an expensive brand and also does not classify them as NOT being affordable. The important point to consider is that this particular brand produces their products from top-quality, organically-grown hemp. They also manufacture their products to deliver maximum potency, while ensuring TCH content is at a non-detectable level. 

Where Does Green Roads Ship To?

Green Roads produces all of the products they offer locally within the United States. The company also focuses on clients based on the country and currently only offers shipping to U.S. addresses. Thus, this brand may be the ideal solution for people in the United States looking for a CBD brand that they can trust, but will not be a possible option for people who live in a different country. 

Final Verdict – Should We Trust This Brand?

While there are quite a large variety of both online and physical retailers to buy CBD oil products from, only a few of them deliver true organic, high-quality options. Green Roads is a brand known to produce high-quality, hemp-derived CBD oil products that have been mentioned on various major news publication platforms. 

The brand produces different types of products that utilizes Cannabidiols, ensuring everyone has an option that will be suited to their needs. Overall, the reviews associated with this brand tend to be positive, leading to the conclusion that the brand seems to be trustworthy and delivers on the promises they make. 





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