Have Your Coffee With Some Added CBD At Vittles Café In New York

Have Your Coffee With Some Added CBD At Vittles Café In New York

Over 50% of the American adult population drinks at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis. For the majority of these people, starting the day without that first cup of the day feels impossible. People are drinking coffee in the morning to help them wake up faster and feel ready for the day.

While you rely on that morning cup of coffee, chances are, later in the day, another cup of coffee goes down just as well. When you go out for a cup of coffee in Brooklyn now, you can now enjoy CBD-infused coffee when you choose to enjoy your hot beverage at Vittles Café.

Located at 94 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, Vittles Café earlier this year launched their first line of coffee that are infused with CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, produced by Flower Power Coffee. The local coffee shop also announced future plans of utilizing this hemp extract in other beverages that they will be serving up soon.

Enjoy A Cup Of CBD-Infused Coffee

On the 20th of April, Samantha Hew introduced a new coffee at the Greenpoint shop, known as Café Vittles. The coffee was brewed in celebration of 4/20, a very important date for those who are in support of the legalization of cannabis. Cannabidiol, one of the main plant-based chemicals in the Cannabis plant, was infused with the coffee. Instead of being extracted from Cannabis, however, the Cannabidiol utilized in the coffee brewed at Samantha’s local café was rather extracted from Hemp plants.

Hemp is a legal plant in most states and Cannabidiol chemicals extracted from these plants are widely used by millions of people all over the world for quite a large number of reasons.

Café Vittles are sourcing the new coffee that they are serving up to their customers from a company known as Flower Power Coffee, a company that specializes in infusing Cannabidiol chemicals into coffee. Flower Power Coffee has already made quite a name for themselves and provide some of the best quality CBD extracts that the market has to offer.

What makes the CBD-infused coffee from Cafe Vittles different from other companies in Brooklyn is that they do not add CBD oil into the coffee they serve their customers, which is a trend that have become popular in the area. This is like adding a flavor to coffee. Instead, Cafe Vittles have partnered up with Flower Power to bring their customers coffee beans that have been infused with Cannabidiols.

The beverage became so popular that they sold out their entire week’s stock before the week was even over. Samantha quickly restocked, however, to ensure the constant stream of customers coming in to enjoy a cup of CBD-infused coffee can continue to get a taste (and feel) of what this chemical can do for them when added to coffee.

The coffee that was introduced on 4/20 by Café Vittles is made in the style of the French press.

In addition to this coffee, Samantha reported that she is planning to produce even more varieties of beverages that customers will be able to enjoy when they visit her local café. She started by launching an espresso option, later she will lauch a cold brew of coffee and Cannabidiol as well.

According to Samantha, many other local coffee shops in the area have also started to serve up options that are infused with this herbal extract that are known to possess multiple medicinal properties. She also mentioned that she expects the number of coffee shops adopting this type of options on their menu to expand in the near future greatly – which would soon be considered a “normal” thing among cafes not only in the Brooklyn area but perhaps the rest of the United States as well.

Apart from serving up this new CBD-infused hot beverage, customers can also visit Café Vittles if they are in the mood for a quick bite. The café serves a variety of sandwiches and other food items that are perfect for lunch. Samantha also welcomes vegans to her café, with several selections on their menu being perfectly suited toward these particular customers.

The Benefits Of Infusing CBD Into Coffee

One of the main benefits that customers experience when they drink a cup of this $6 coffee that has been infused with Cannabidiol is that it counteracts many of the negative aspects of coffee. For many people, a cup of coffee is an essential part of their day, but they often experience side-effects after they had a cup.

These side-effects often consist of jitters, which can become extremely unpleasant, as well as headaches. A lot of people also experience a crash a couple of hours after they had their coffee, causing them to experience fatigue.

With Cannabidiol added to the coffee, these side-effects are no longer a problem. This means more people can now sip away and enjoy their morning cup of coffee without having to worry about the unpleasant effects often experienced.

Additionally, people report feeling less anxious after they have enjoyed this new beverage from the Vittle Café in Brooklyn. A calmer mind and body is something reported by the majority of those who have tried the coffee by now. Samantha has explained that she now offers her employees a cup of her new CBD-infused coffee in the morning, which helps them stay calm, even when customers get tough and frustrating.

Another great fact stated by those who have had a cup of the CBD-infused coffee is that there is no unpleasant taste. In fact, people find that it tastes just like a normal cup of coffee – no aftertaste or anything that would signal the presence of the Cannabidiol chemicals that are found in the beverage. Even though no taste, however, the benefits associated with the coffee can quickly be felt just a few minutes after the cup has been consumed.


Vittles Café recently launched a new coffee that is infused with Cannabidiol compounds, extracted from top-quality hemp plants. The compound is perfectly legal and will not impose a psychoactive effect when consumed. A cup of CBD-infused coffee costs $6 and can be picked up in Brooklyn and their local coffee shop.

People have already rushed to the shop to try the new coffee, and several reports have already risen, explaining the many benefits that can be experienced with this new invention from Vittles Café. For those who are not close to Franklin Street, other coffee shops are also starting to serve coffee infused with this beneficial and relaxing compound

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