Various Ways on How CBD Helps To Fight Against Heart Diseases

Various Ways on How CBD Helps To Fight Against Heart  Diseases

Heart disease is considered today one of the tops causes of death in the US with over six hundred thousand deaths reported every year. Heart disease involves many heart conditions including hypertension, stroke and coronary disease among others. Besides being deadly, treatment of such conditions is extremely costly. It takes a lot of lifestyle changes and taking recommended heart medications to keep the disease at bay and ensure your heart is healthy.

Studies have revealed that CBD oil is one of such viable options when it comes to treatment of heart diseases. The reality is that more and more heart patients are ready to explore the use of CBD as an alternative to prescription drugs. This is because many pharmaceuticals come with other unwanted side effects like allergies for example. The use of the best CBD oil, on the other hand, does not cause these side-effects, but does hold many benefits for the heart.

According to several clinical studies and researchers, Cannabidiol extracts have been found to offer many medical benefits including:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiemetic- reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Anticonvulsant-suppressing seizure activity
  • Anti-tumoral
  • Antidepressant
  • Anxiolytic to combat anxiety
  • Analsegic for pain relief

CBD and how it helps with heart disease

CBD does not directly interact with the cardiovascular system. However, how it communicates with the endocannabinoid system is beneficial to your heart’s health. It works in various ways to offer support against heart disease;

Helps in lowering blood pressure

cbd oil hypertensionHigh blood pressure is a common heart problem experienced when arteries are either hardened or narrowed as a result of such conditions as atherosclerosis. CBD has been found to aid in widening body vessels in the body to allow for more blood to flow. This way, damages done to the arterial walls is significantly reduced. Studies undertaken to determine the effects of CBD indicate that a single dose of the same helps to lower blood pressure substantially. According to the studies, people who took CBD experienced reduced stroke volume, blood pressure and resting systolic pressure.

We all agree that several factors are involved in causing heart disease including other conditions like atherosclerosis which is caused by unhealthy habits like smoking and unhealthy diets as well as natural effects of aging. Adding CBD to current treatment options for atherosclerosis, therefore, guarantees the best results within the shortest time possible as it helps in relaxing the walls of heart arteries hence reducing the pressure or tension inside the blood vessels.

On the other hand, CBD intake helps in reducing the metabolic issues of high glucose responses. It is highly likely for heart disease patients to have higher risks for the increased responses and CBD comes in handy to help reduce the risk by minimizing permeability of arterial walls.

Some of the common symptoms of high blood pressure to watch out for include dizziness, chest pains, severe headaches, blurred vision, breath shortness, and cold feet swelling of legs, stroke, and heart attack.

Works as an Anti-arrhythmic

Arrhythmia is a condition when your heart beats too fast, too slow or irregularly. Though this condition may be harmless, the symptoms are a clear indication of a damaged heart among other problems.

A research study carried out on rodents indicated that CBD medication successfully helped in treating arrhythmias and effectively limits other complications of congestive heart failure. According to another research, CBD also targets arteries for isolated action by preventing further damages to the arteries because of vasorelaxation. More research is still ongoing to understand more about how CBD treats this condition.

It has Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties

We have seen a lot of products promoted as hemp oil for pain and inflammation. It is already widely known that CBD oil is good for these conditions – studies also reveal that the anti-inflammatory effects of these extracts can help to reduce inflammation affecting the heart.

Inflammation of the heart, also known as myocarditis, causes severe damages to the heart cells and eventually resulting in death due to insufficient supply of oxygen and blood to the tissues. The condition may be caused by certain health conditions, medications, viruses, and failure of the immune system. Prolonged effects of inflammation without treatment finally result in death.

According to clinical studies, CBD is known to help in reducing this harmful inflammation of the heart effectively. The 2-AG anti-cannabinoid in CBD binds with the CB2 receptor making the immune system to send less immune cells to attack and reducing inflammation in the process. Another research points out that CBD helps to reduce the number of dead cells in the heart as a result of inflammation thus maintaining the heart in its healthy state.

With the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD is effective in reducing inflammation which may result in further damage to the heart tissues. On the other hand, this treatment option may help in repairing the existing damages and preventing heart disease altogether.

Some of the symptoms of myocarditis to watch out for include, fever, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, swelling, and liver congestion that may result in sudden deaths.

Preventing arterial plaque

Plaque buildup inside the arteries is one of the many factors that contribute to the development of heart disease. This accumulation of plaque gives the heart a hard time pumping blood. It has been proven that CBD can significantly help in decreasing the adhesion of plaque to the walls of arteries. In short, CBD plays a crucial role in preventing accumulation of plaque which later encourages the development of heart disease.


Generally, CBD has been proved to be beneficial to the cardiovascular system, maintaining heart health and even improving recovery from various heart conditions. It is most likely that you will need to take heart health more seriously as you age and having the best CBD oil products by your side will be crucial.

Always use the best CBD oil tinctures or concentrates to help maintain your heart health and recovery from other cardiovascular conditions to guarantee a healthy heart in the long term. This treatment option works by relaxing the arterial walls, reduces inflammation, inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokines, reduces the build-up of plaque in arterial walls and effectively protects and repairs the damaged tissues. Studies proving CBD’s effectiveness in supporting the heart against disease is overwhelming.

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