How is CBD Oil Different from Marijuana and Daily Dose of Both Can Combat Brain Aging?

How is CBD Oil Different from Marijuana and Daily Dose of Both Can Combat Brain Aging?

The CBD oil is extracted directly from the marijuana hemp plant used for medicinal purposes. It comes from marihuana, but it is not useful for recreational purposes. It doesn’t have the same effect as smoking marihuana. 

Based on research, the CBD oil cannot be abused or used for any other purposes other than healing. Plus, there is no record of the oil, causing any health-related issues. In other words, this oil can’t change our perception of reality, as smoking would. It will not create a feeling of euphoria even though it will still affect the brain. 

It can help people with anxiety and depression, but will not let them stray away from reality. So, CBD oil is not a psychotropic oil. THC can activate the brain’s receptors much differently. It will focus on different areas of the nervous system and the brain. It can influence the entire body. 

By interfering with the nervous system, the THC will help people forget their pain, nausea, or anxiety. But, CBD oil is much more powerful than that. It can power up our immune system and strengthen the bones. 

Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD oil will protect the cells from free radical damage and protect the brain. No wonder why more and more people have been trying to get their hands on this product.

In some countries, this product is legal. However, not many people across the world have access to this CBD oil. According to statistics, the CBD oil is much more beneficial for human health compared to other oils. Its growing popularity only serves to prove how useful it can actually be.

Depending on the restrictions, so does the availability of this product. In other words, this oil is not available for purchase in every single country. Many governments across the world still consider CBD oil to be the same as marijuana. 

So, they restrict the product from ever reaching their market. Despite having to undergo serious regulatory testing, research, and requirements, CBD oil is still not something that is considered to be a product for healing everywhere on the planet. 

Is It Safe?

Yes. CBD oil is safe. However, there are some rare cases where people might experience some side effects. It is possible to experience irritability, exhaustion, and nausea. It might also interact with some specific blood medications. 

Have in mind that CBD oil is sold as a supplement, not a drug. In other words, it is important that you keep using your medications even after you’ve tried the oil. So, if this oil interacts with those medications, it might be a good idea to stop using it. Consult with your doctor if your body can’t handle the oil.

THC facts

Although THC is the primary ingredient of marijuana, which is widely used today, there is a lot of people don’t know about it. Bearing in mind that the study showed THC could reverse brain aging, it is also important to provide more info about this cannabinoid.

When ingested, THC activates cannabinoid receptors and changes the way your brain works. Depending on the way THC is used, these changes can be either positive or negative. Since it causes psychoactive effects, CBD is more explored for medicinal purposes. This doesn’t mean THC has nothing to offer. 

Besides the delay in brain aging, THC also shows potential in: 

  • Improving behavioral disturbances and appetite loss in Alzheimer’s disease patients
  • Treatment of patients with brain injury
  • Reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia 
  • Reducing pressure in the eye associated with glaucoma 
  • Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 
  • Improving organ transplant success 

What are the effects of THC on the aging brain?

Okay, now we know that THC can protect the brain from consequences of aging, but how? In order to learn more about the underlying mechanisms that make this happen, scientists analyzed gene activity and brain tissue of mice that received THC. They were shocked to find out that molecular signature didn’t correspond to older animals, but was more similar to those observed in younger mice. 

Interestingly, connections between neurons increased with administration of THC. This is particularly important if we bear in mind that a major effect of aging on the brain is a reduction in connections between neurons. Increased links between nerve cells is a telltale sign of enhanced learning abilities. All these results were achieved with a low dose of THC to avoid toxication.

Scientists also reported that low dose of THC reversed the age-related decline in cognitive performance and enhanced expression of synaptic marker proteins and increased hippocampal spine density. Since CB1 plays a huge role here and the decreased concentration of this receptor as we age contributions to a faster decline in cognitive performance, restoration of signaling could be an effective method of treating age-related cognitive performance. In other words, THC can rejuvenate the brain, but scientists plan to carry out more studies on this subject.







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