How to Create a Self-Care Roadmap and Stick To It

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Self-care is an essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Establishing a self-care plan will help create balance and structure in everyday life and help you prioritize physical and mental health. If you’re wondering how to go about creating a sound self-care plan, don’t fret, as this article by The CBD Reviewer will explore the steps on how to achieve just that! 

  • Set Clear Expectations


Your first step will be to identify areas of life where you feel the need for improvement. While some ideas may instinctively come to mind, here are a set of questions to help set clear expectations:


  • What are the areas you are struggling most in currently? Such as finding it difficult to find time for yourself. 
  • What type of changes would you like in your daily schedule? Could be something as simple as waking up an hour early or cutting down daily sugar intake.
  • Are there any personal or professional goals you’d like to pursue? Such as starting a hobby, exercising, etc.


Writing down these expectations will provide a clear and honest assessment of where you currently stand. Next, work towards setting time-bound goals for yourself to pursue, such as:


  • Track Your Progress


Simply setting goals will not be enough to keep you motivated in the long run. The best way to keep motivation levels high will be to track your progress and celebrate improvements along the way.


Here are some key metrics to track for your self-care activities:


  • Sleep: As reported by the CDC, adults, on average, require at least seven hours of sleep each night. This means that if you go to bed at 10 am, your ideal wake-up time can be between 6-7 am, or even earlier if possible. Not only will you wake up refreshed, but have plenty of time to manage personal responsibilities before starting work.


  • Nutrition: Simply cutting back on junk food will provide noticeable improvements in mood and energy levels. This is because eating foods high in sugar is known to provide energy spikes, followed by a sudden drop in energy as the blood sugar level drops. Eating healthy home-cooked meals will ensure your body receives consistent energy throughout the day. You can even go a step further and start tracking calories to gain complete control over your weight and BMI.

  • Prioritize a Clean Home 


As reported by Mayo Clinic, living in a cluttered home has numerous negative effects on mental health, such as increased irritability, reduced concentration levels, and more. Hence, a key component of staying on top of your self-care goals will be to keep the home clean.


This can be achieved by regularly vacuuming carpets as it’ll get rid of dust, dust mites, and other allergens that pose a health risk to humans as well as pets. Additionally, a clean home will reduce the probability of allergic reactions and mold buildup and help you save on the cost of repairs and healthcare.

  • Consider Furthering Your Education


Another great way to stay on top of your self-care goals is to further your education through an online degree. A new credential will not only open doors to better-paying opportunities but also allow you to switch fields and undertake new challenges. Additionally, an online degree will provide the convenience of a flexible schedule, allowing you plenty of time to focus on other self-care goals.


For those interested in pursuing a degree in education, here’s a good one to consider. Other prominent options include marketing, healthcare, IT, and cybersecurity. 


Following the above-mentioned four strategies will help you stay on top of your self-care goals and make meaningful changes to your daily routine. Whether it be keeping your home clean, eating well, or completing a degree, the key will be to stay consistent with your efforts and track progress. 

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