Moon Mother Hemp Company Review

Moon Mother Hemp Company Review

Amidst the continuously growing need for environmentally-friendly consumer products, the CBD industry is giving more importance to organic and responsibly-sourced hemp plants. A lot of companies would brag about their products being ‘organic,’ but how can you be sure that these organic products are safe and of high quality as well? The Moon Mother Hemp Company is a tried-and-tested brand that provides organic skin care products with pure CBD. In this article, we will review all of their available products as well as the entirety of the company.

Moon Mother Hemp Company Review

Unlike other hemp companies, the Moon Mother Hemp Company focuses on producing pure, organic, and high-quality hemp oil while minimizing its impact on the environment through sustainable, responsible farming practices. Evolving from its sister company Moon Mother Medicinals, the Moon Mother Hemp Company has been incorporating CBD in their skin care products such as skin balms, muscle balms, and tinctures. 

Moon Mother Hemp grows their own hemp plants on a certified organic farm, overseen by owners who have had more than ten years of experience in the cannabis industry. All of their hemp source and hemp products has always been USDA certified organic, giving their customers only the best and purest CBD products for best results. 

With the Moon Mother Hemp Company, customers are assured that they are buying responsibly-sourced, high-quality, and unadulterated skincare products that have been formulated by a certified herbalist for optimum effectiveness. Here are some of their CBD-infused products that are surely worth a try:

Moon Mother Hemp Company Products

Moon Mother Hemp Oil Tincture

Moon Mother’s hemp oil tincture contains a variant of CBD oil that can be used in food and drinks. In tincture form, the CBD’s effects can be rapidly felt after eating or drinking the infused food. This is the preferred alternative for those who don’t want to use a vaporizer pen, which is the mode of ingestion for other oils. Moon Mother’s hemp oil tincture is super easy to ingest, and their small bottles can let you carry it anywhere, providing an instant dose wherever you are.

Moon Mother’s hemp oil formulation consists of 100% organic oils and extracts, including organic flavoring. The recipe is primarily made of full hemp extract, organic MCT oil, organic hemp seed oil, and organic sunflower oil. Currently, they have the hemp oil tincture in two flavors: cinnamon and peppermint. Both are tasty on their own but subtle when added to other food or drink so that it won’t affect the taste of your meal too much.

The Moon Mother hemp oil tincture also comes in 500 mg and 1000 mg dropper bottles with beautiful, unique packaging. 

Moon Mother Hemp Company Topical Products

Moon Mother Hemp Company has effectively incorporated CBD into their skincare products. Their topicals include Dream Balm, Skin Balm, Muscle Balm, and Comfort Balm. All balms have varying ingredients and functions, carefully crafted to be satisfying and effective.

  • Moon Mother CBD Muscle Balm

CBD is known for its pain-relief capability. Thus, Moon Mother has created a muscle balm that is meant to soothe sore and aching muscles with the incorporation of CBD oil. The Moon Mother CBD Muscle Balm warms and cools the skin simultaneously upon application for the relief of pain, as well as reduction of inflammation. 

This balm contains all-natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, menthol, mango butter, beeswax, arnica, turmeric, and fragrant essential oils for a soothing, relaxing sensation.

  • Moon Mother CBD Dream Balm

For people who have trouble falling asleep, the Moon Mother CBD Dream Balm can help promote restful sleep with the use of calming herbs and extracts. The inclusion of CBD oil in the recipe promotes anti-anxiety and relaxation, helping you achieve a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

The Dream Balm contains the same base as the Muscle Balm, but with essential oils of lavender, passionflower, vanilla bean, and chamomile for a calming effect. 

  • Moon Mother Heal All Skin Balm

Due to studies showing the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of CBD, the Moon Mother Hemp Company has created a skin balm that promotes wound healing and prevents inflammation of the skin with the help of a full spectrum hemp extract.

The Moon Mother Heal All skin balm is packed with nutrients from St. John’s Wort, plantains, comfrey, and essential oils of tea tree and lavender, which are all certified organic.

  • Moon Mother Wise Woman Comfort Balm

Just like the Heal All Skin Balm, the Comfort Balm provides an anti-inflammatory effect for relief against discomfort, making it the “perfect companion for your moon time.” The Wise Woman Comfort Balm formulation is enriched with the same base as the other balms, but with more essential oils of clary sage, lavender, cardamom, rose, and vanilla bean among other natural ingredients. This balm is very fragrant and can relieve female-related discomfort quickly, a good way to avoid using pain-killers or other over-the-counter medicines.

Moon Mother CBD Ritual Bath

Aside from balms and tinctures, Moon Mother also offers something to add relaxation to your bath times. The Wise Woman Ritual Bath is a combination of dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, essential oils, and CBD– all combined for a soothing bath experience. Goodbye bath bombs! This CBD-infused bath salt mixture can offer relaxation of both the mind and body, something that other bath soaps and salts cannot do.


The Moon Mother Hemp Company is one of the best brands when it comes to responsible sourcing of ingredients as well as the production of pure, high-quality products. They provide tinctures and topicals that are infused with pure CBD oil sourced from well-farmed hemp, and customers adore their fragrant and creative formulations. 

Although the variety of their skin care products are few, they are proven to work well with pain-relief, anti-inflammation, and relaxation. To browse their products and try CBD-infused supplements and topicals, visit their official website here. You can find more reviews of other companies here as well.





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