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September Spotlight: Moon Mother Medicinals: Pure CBD Oil Extracts You Can Trust

September Spotlight: Moon Mother Medicinals: Pure CBD Oil Extracts You Can Trust

As CBD oil, topicals and other products containing these powerful natural compounds become more popular, the world is faced with an increasing number of brands that produce these products as well. While the large variety of brands might seem like a good factor at first, it causes great concern among consumers when it comes to choosing the right brand. Not all brands deeply care about the safety of their customers or the purity of their products, as there are many companies entering the industry simply because the industry is worth billions. In fact, the market is expected to grow by a massive 700% between 2016 and 2020, according to recent reports. 

The good news is – there are brands that were created by people who truly care what they offer their customers. Today, we want to introduce you to Moon Mother Medicinals – a brand that was born after the founder, Jessica, realized how useful CBD oil truly is. Jessica decided to produce a line of CBD products that are made from organic, high-quality hemp to deliver potent products to the market that also takes the safety of the user into account.

How Moon Mother Was Founded

We really liked the fact that Moon Mother isn’t just another brand of CBD oil products that their main aim is to make some money in this rapidly growing industry. Moon Mother main aim is to provide their customers with high-quality products. Jessica, the founder of this brand, is a certified herbalist in the United States. She has been providing patients with alternative natural remedies for many years.

After some of Jessica’s patients asked her about CBD oil, she decided to do some investigating herself. She soon discovered that this compound, extracted from Cannabis plants and Hemp, seems to have quite a lot of potential when it comes to alleviating many of the common problems her patients complain about. Jessica decided to introduce her husband to CBD oil as he experienced problems with anxiety at the time. After using a CBD oil tincture for just a short while, her husband reported significant improvements in his anxiety symptoms. 

Jessica and her husband decided to work together on a new line of CBD oil products. Their idea was to create a range of products that are pure, organic, and completely natural – with no added chemicals, toxins, or any ingredients that could harm the user in any way.

This is how the Moon Mother Hemp brand was developed. While they started out with just a single product, Jessica and her husband has now developed a number of different products that utilizes Cannabidiol to offer customers benefits such as relief of pain, a natural way to get rid of anxiety-related symptoms, and products that help to calm the mind and body of the user. 

What Does Moon Mother Currently Offer?

Instead of focusing on quantity, Jessica decided to rather focus on quality with the Moon Mother brand. Thus, customers who are not looking for a massive variety of CBD products, but rather products that will deliver effective results, should take a look at what this brand has to offer. Careful consideration goes into the development of each and every product that this brand manufactures – this ensures the customer is provided a product that will give them the results they expect from Cannabidiol extracts. 

At the moment, Moon Mother offers two categories of products to their customers – this includes a range of supplements, in the form of tinctures, and a series of topical products. Each product features a unique formula that has specific benefits to offer the user. 

Moon Mother Supplements

The brand currently offers a full spectrum CBD oil tincture, with Cannabidiol compounds extracted from organically-grown hemp plants. There are two options that customers can choose from, which includes a 500MG tincture and a 1,000MG tincture. The more potent option would be suitable for conditions such as arthritis and more severe anxiety symptoms, while the 500MG tincture offers an ideal solution for calming and reducing pain without introducing a significant level of Cannabidiol to the user’s body. 

Both of these full spectrum tinctures are available in two different flavors, including:

  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

Moon Mother Topicals

A wider variety of products can be found under the “Topicals” category when browsing the offers from this brand. These products were primarily developed to deliver the benefits of Cannabidiol extracts to the user, but combines unique naturally-derived ingredients to offer additional benefits. 

The topical products currently offered by Moon Mother include:

  • Muscle Balm
  • Dream Balm
  • Heal All Skin Balm
  • Wise Woman Comfort Balm
  • Wise Woman Ritual Bath

Coming Soon From The Moon Mother Brand

As noted before, this brand focuses on the quality of their products. This, however, does not mean that they are continuously looking into adding more options to the already impressive variety of products they have to offer customers. 

The founder of Moon Mother currently has a number of products that will be released to their customers very soon. Some of the products that the brand is currently working on include:

  • Massage Oils
  • Skin Serums
  • Smokeable hemp (Certified Organic strains)

Moon Mother is also planning to launch a new local store in Boulder, CO very soon, where the official products that the brand produces will be featured, along with CBD products from other top-rated brands in the industry. The store will stock a large variety of products, including:

  • CBD Oil tinctures
  • CBD Oil edibles
  • CBD body care products
  • CBD face care products
  • CBD pain creams and other topics
  • CBD dog treats
  • CBD shatter
  • CBD vape buds

The idea of their new store will be to provide every customer with a product that will be able to help them experience the benefits of this natural compound – whether it is to help them experience an improvement in anxiety symptoms or to help alleviate painful joints caused by arthritis. 

How And Where To Buy Moon Mother CBD Oil?

One particular problem faced by people when it comes to buying CBD products is that some of the top brands only supply their products to customers in the United States. Even though Moon Mother produces and sells their products from within the U.S., the company has international shipping options that make it easy for anyone to buy from them. 

At the moment, the easiest way to buy CBD oil tinctures and topics from the brand is to visit their website – here, and you can browse through the various products they have to offer and place an order. The website has a built-in shopping platform that makes it easy to add multiple products to the cart. The checkout process is also easy to complete – simply enter your personal details, shipping details and then pay for your order. 

Shipping charges to a national address in the U.S. calculate to $8.00. Customers who need their order to be shipped to an international destination needs to pay a shipping fee of $15.00. This fee does not include any additional taxes that may be charged to the customer upon delivery. 

The Moon Mother Returns Policy

As we have noted previously, the Moon Mother brand cares about their customers – which is why the brand offers a convenient return policy to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. A customer’s first order they place with this company is backed by a 15-day guarantee. The customer can use the product and see if it works for them as they expect it to – if the product does not provide them with the benefits they were promised to experience, the customer can contact Moon Mother for a refund request. 

The company will provide the customer with details on how they need to proceed. The customer needs to print out a return shipping label, which will be used to return the products to the manufacturer. A refund or exchange will be processed once the manufacturer receives the package. 

Wholesalers Welcomed By The Moon Mother Brand

In addition to providing a range of potent, yet safe CBD oil products to consumers, Moon Mother also welcomes wholesalers to buy and stock their range of products. People who own stores that sell natural products can get in touch with the company to discuss stocking their range of CBD oil supplements and, of course, the brand’s range of topicals. The brand has a dedicated page on their official website, which the wholesaler can complete in order to discuss stocking and reselling Moon Mother CBD oil products. 

Final Verdict

Moon Mother Medicinals offer a convenient line of CBD oil tinctures and is planning to release a number of products soon, during the launch of their new store. The brand is backed by an experienced and certified herbalist who truly believes that Cannabidiol is a powerful natural remedy. They offer pure, safe and “clean” products that were designed to help the user experience the maximum level of benefits from each use. The company offers their products to customers no matter where they live and also welcome wholesalers to stock and distribute the official Moon Mother CBD oil products. 

We currently have an exclusive partnership with Moon Mother Hemp and they are offering 15% off their entire store if you use the code ‘thecbdreviewer‘ at check out.




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