New Studies Confirm The Safety Of Cannabidiol In Dogs

New Studies Confirm The Safety Of Cannabidiol In Dogs

Cannabidiol extracts, usually promoted as CBD oil products, are popular amongst the human population. These oils are used to treat seizures, pain, premature aging, acne, autism, and more. Even though most popular amongst human users, these products are also becoming increasingly popular amongst pet owners as well. Many dog owners are still somewhat skeptical about administering CBD oil to assist with the treatment of conditions their pet may be suffering from. New studies, however, have now provided encouraging news for these dog owners.

Safety And The Clinical Efficiency Of CBD Oil For Dogs

A recent study completed by the Cornell University looked at the safety profile and the effectiveness of using CBD oil in dogs with osteoarthritis symptoms. The study focused on providing details regarding the short-term safety of these extracts, the pharmacokinetics of an oral CBD oil administration method, and the effects that these extracts had on the joint-related symptoms expressed by participating dogs.

Two groups of dogs were entered into the clinical trial. One group received a daily dosage of quality Cannabidiol extracts, while the other group received a Placebo oil. The dogs who were randomly chosen to be administered with Cannabidiol extracts were further divided into two groups, with a different dosage selected for each group. The first group received a daily dosage of 2mg CBD per kg body weight, while the second group receives an 8mg per kg body weight daily dosage. The study was conducted over a period of four weeks. Follow-ups were conducted at week number two and four.

The study revealed impressive data surrounding the efficiency in the use of CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis. In particular, it was noted that Hudson score and CBPI score decreases significantly in the group of dogs administered with CBD oil. This led to the conclusion that CBD oil can provide adequate relief of pain, discomfort, and inflammation experienced in multiple joints amongst dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis. Additionally, the study also noted that the dogs that were given CBD oil as a treatment option were more activate at week four than they were at the start of the study and had a significantly higher overall activity level as compared to the Placebo group of dogs.

The study also provided evidence that CBD oil can be safely used in dogs. No adverse psychoactive effects were noted in any of the dogs that were administered with a daily CBD oil. Thus, there is no need to be concerned about a dog becoming “high” while using CBD oil, as this is not the chemical in the Cannabis plant that causes psychoactive effects.

Final Verdict

The use of CBD oil to treat certain conditions in dogs have, for a long time, been frowned upon. Recent studies have unveiled some of the mysteries that made dog owners doubt the use of these products on their pets. One particular study provided evidence that dogs with osteoarthritis can significantly benefit from products that contain Cannabidiol extracts. The side-effect profile was also quite impressive in this study.

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