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October Spotlight: CBD BioCare Company Provides High Quality Products

October Spotlight: CBD BioCare Company Provides High Quality Products

With the rising popularity of CBD hemp oil products also comes the birth of numerous CBD producing companies. It has become such a huge industry that from the year 2017 to 2022, the market for CBD oil is expected to grow to 40%. There are so many brands and companies to choose from, that many CBD users are often having a hard time choosing the best one. Luckily, the main goal of our blog is to give you the most in-depth reviews on CBD companies available today. In this article, we will review one of the most sought for CBD producers on the market– CBD BioCare.

The Birth of CBD BioCare

The CBD BioCare company was founded by the couple Matthew and Stacey Pitts. Mr. Pitts was inspired to create his own CBD company through his dearly departed friend from high school, a man named Daryl who was then suffering from cancer. Daryl was once stood at 5’10” with a weight of 220 pounds, but due to the disease, Daryl was less than a hundred pounds when Mr. Pitts saw him again.

Without any other thing to help ease Daryl’s pain and lack of appetite, the family used marijuana. This was the time before medical marijuana was legalized. Both Matthew and Stacey Pitts supported the movement for legalization wholeheartedly in order to help patients who would benefit from medical marijuana.

In 2016, the couple discovered a cannabis by-product which was not only legal but also had amazing health benefits to health and wellness. From then on, CBD BioCare was born, and they made it a company dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality CBD-infused products for the skin and body. 

Today, they produce products for skin care, pet products, and pain creams, with more products being continuously researched.

CBD BioCare Manufacturing Process

For virtually all commercially-available products, the manufacturing process needs to be monitored to make sure that consumers are getting safe, reliable, and high-quality products. CBD BioCare’s manufacturing processes are proven to be good. 

They have been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practice seal, meaning that their products are consistent in compliance with quality and safety standards.

CBD BioCare is also registered by the PETA Organization as Cruelty-Free. Consumers can be sure that CBD BioCare does not test on animals and will not do so in the future. Lastly, CBD BioCare is wholly manufactured in the United States with their main ingredients locally grown in sustainable farm systems.

What Does CBD BioCare Offer?

CBD BioCare offers a variety of products that are all infused with CBD to make use of its health benefits. Today, they focus on producing and developing products for the skin, health, pets, and pain. People who are looking for a company with a wide range of effective products can look into CBD BioCare’s selection, as they have one of the most comprehensive in the market.

CBD BioSkinCare Products

Through rigorous research and development by their team and the Pitts themselves, CBD BioCare currently offers some of the best CBD-infused skin care products on the market today. Among the brand’s products, you would find moisturizers, formulas, drops, and creams.

CBD AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer. This product is infused with full spectrum CBD oil that is combined with wholesome ingredients to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, as well as improve skin quality. This anti-aging moisturizer is also an antioxidant, an anti-aging formula, and a natural healing agent all in one.

Apple Stem-Cell Regenerating Formula. This formula contains stem cells extracted from a rare apple tree that has been found to have great rejuvenating effects on aging skin. With this stem cell formula, wrinkles can be reduced and the body is stimulated to create new tissue.

Collagen Retinol Cream. The CBD Collagen Retinol Cream is a light moisturizer that is formulated to leave the skin smooth and soft. This product is made from ingredients rich in retinol, collagen, CBD, and Vitamin C– all blended to reduce signs of aging as well as refine skin tone.

Neck Decollete Anti-Aging Cream. The neck and chest area is also called the decollete area. This area of the body is the first to show wrinkles and lines as an effect of aging. But with CBD Neck Decollete Anti-Aging Cream, the neck and chest area can be firmed and tightened with CBD-infused ingredients.

Under Eye Cream. If you have bags under your eyes, this CBD-infused eye cream can reduce the darkness and puffiness of the area. Because the area under the eyes has the thinnest skin, CBD BioSkinCare’s under eye cream can also tighten and lighten for a smoother appearance.

Full Spectrum Oil

Currently, the company offers only a product with different concentrations under their CBD BioCare full spectrum oil category, and this is their CBD Oil Herbal Drops. This CBD Hemp Oil Extract contains pure and high-quality CBD oil that can be used topically or orally. With this product, consumers cannot get high because of zero THC content, which is the cannabinoid in the marijuana plant that causes the feelings of being high. However, the beneficial effects include relaxation, pain relief, and natural supplement which can be used by the general population.

The full spectrum CBD Oil comes in multiple concentrations:

  • 500mg (20mg per serving)
  • 750mg (30mg per serving)
  • 1000mg (40mg per serving)
  • 1500mg (60mg per serving)

Unlike other companies that produce CBD tinctures and oils, CBD BioCare makes its products with full-spectrum oil extracted from pure hemp through full plant extraction. They also make sure that their hemp is organically grown, domestically cultivated and manufactured, and tested by a third party.

CBD Pain Balm with Emu Oil

For consumers that are experiencing bodily pain such as arthritis, CBD BioCare also has a product that is designed to relieve pain. Their CBD Pain Balm with Emu Oil contains full-spectrum CBD oil with natural analgesic ingredients. More than that, this pain balm also contains wholesome skincare ingredients to leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

Additionally, what makes this CBD pain balm unique is its emu oil infusion. Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory extract that protects the skin while also relieving pain– a humane and natural ingredient for a better pain-relieving experience.

Pet Products From CBD BioCare

CBD Oil is not only great for humans, but it’s also great for pets, too. CBD BioPetCare offers a product for all furparents out there who want to give their pet a natural relief against inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, allergies, joint issues, and other health issues.

It contains only the purest extracts, which are safe to use on pets. However, it is still important to do enough research and make sure you’re not giving your pet too much.

CBD BioCare Affiliate Programs and Wholesaler Options

For consumers who are satisfied with CBD BioCare’s products and are looking to make money of their own, CBD BioCare offers a CBD direct sales affiliate program.

With this program, a participant can manage their own sales and schedule, build their own sales team, get commissions, and receive the materials that they need in order to grow.

Aside from a comprehensive affiliate program, CBD BioCare also has a wholesaler option for people who would want to make some money on the side. The company offers discounted prices for consumers who will buy in bulk, with a minimum order of 21 products.

How And Where to Buy CBD BioCare Products

CBD BioCare products are very easy to acquire online. Their official site offers discounts for registered users and can ship anywhere in the United States. Moreover, their official site has a lot more information on their products (specifications, ingredients, etc.) which you can review before making a selection.

They also have an auto-ship option which is very convenient for regular users, where you can automatically ship products from every week to every three months.

CBD BioCare Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If in case a customer is dissatisfied with a product, the CBD BioCare company offers a refund for their customers. A customer may return the unused product along with the official receipt to the company within fourteen days of purchase, and CBD BioCare will refund the money based on the unused portion of the products.

If a returned product is already at half of its contents, the refund will be half of the retail price.

Final Verdict

There are so many CBD companies to choose from, and most products have basically the same functions and properties. However, what sets CBD BioCare apart from its competitors is their dedication to providing safe, high-quality, and multi-purpose products. The brand has products for skin care, pet care, pain relief, and health. Unlike other companies that create products infused with CBD, CBD BioCare infuses theirs with the highest quality and purest hemp along with other unique ingredients such as emu oil.

Moreover, the CBD BioCare company offers wholesale prices for people who will buy in bulk. Aside from that, the company welcomes affiliates with their CBD direct sales affiliate program for consumers who want to become their own CBD CEO.







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