Plain Jane Hemp Flower & Hemp Rolls Review 

Plain Jane Hemp Flower & Hemp Rolls Review 

If you want to enjoy all of the amazing effects that come with using CBD, then you might want to take a look at what the company Plain Jane has to offer.

Plain Jane offers a selection of high-quality hemp flowers and rolls for those who are looking for something that provides a relaxing feeling and promotes better sleeping habits. This company, located in Oregon, offers its clients the best quality CBD from local small farms. With a promise that their products are all-natural and chemical-free, you will get the most out of the CBD benefits!

Plain Jane Hemp Flower

Plain Jane Hemp Flower & Hemp Rolls Review 

This product is perfect if you want to make your pre-rolls or create hemp extracts. The trim is pre-ground and ready to use, so you won’t need to worry about any extra effort before enjoying your CBD. CBD hemp flowers are effective in relieving pain, alleviating anxiety, encouraging sleep, and improving circulation. That’s why it’s definitely worth giving a try to Plain Jane Hemp Flowers!


Plain Jane hemp flowers contain less than 0.3% THC, which makes them legal to use. Thanks to this low THC content, you won’t get high or addicted to it. In each 1g of the hemp flower, you will find 80mg of CBD. This product is made of ground hemp flower and gives you the full experience of using CBD, meaning the smell and the taste are 100% original and not lessen in any way.

Benefits of Using Hemp Flowers

Hemp flowers are the most potent part of the hemp plant. Because they can be smoked, this means it’s easier to get a consistent dose every time and you won’t have to worry about overdosing on CBD. Because of this, you can always control the amount of CBD you’re using, as opposed to pre-made rolls.

The CBD hemp flowers is an all-natural product, making it a healthy choice for people who like to maintain their active lifestyles.

Besides, they have a soothing and relaxing effect on your body. If you suffer from anxiety or just like the feeling of relaxation, then you should try the Plain Jane Hemp Flowers.

Disadvantages of Hemp Flowers

There’s only one thing that we can think of as a disadvantage of using this hemp flower product. That is, they look like regular marihuana, meaning if someone doesn’t understand the difference between CBD and THC, you might get into trouble before you make things clear. Although it’s worth noticing that the general awareness about CBD among the population is constantly growing.

Plain Jane Hemp Rolls

Those cigarette looking-like hemp rolls are a perfect solution for anyone who’s looking for a quick relaxing effect and relief for anxiety. As the producent promise that they start working within 2-5 minutes after you start smoking, it’s a perfect solution for on-go situations that you need help with.


In each 0.9g of hemp, you will find around 72 mg of CBD. Those cigarettes are made 100% of hemp, with no addition of tobacco or nicotine. That makes them a perfect, healthy alternative if you want to switch from regular cigarettes. Each cigarette is rolled in rice paper that will give you an even burning process.

Who Will Benefit from Using Hemp Rolls?

Besides the well-known benefits of using CBD, there’s also an added advantage that comes with using pre-rolls, like the ones that Plain Jane is producing- it’s the comfort. You won’t need to prepare them on your own, they come ready to use the right to your house.

Another great thing about them is that to produce them, Plane Jane used low odor hemp, meaning when you use it, you won’t need to worry about getting weird looks from people around you. Just pack them and smoke whenever you need a moment to calm down your anxiety!

Are Hemp Rolls Better Than Normal Cigarettes?

There’s no doubt that smoking CBD is nowhere near as bad for your lungs as nicotine. While maintaining calming effects, CBD gives you a variety of other additional health benefits.

However, be aware that despite popular belief, there’s no evidence showing that smoking CBD can help you break your nicotine addiction. They can serve as a great alternative though!

Prices of Hemp Rolls and Hemp Flower in Plain Jane

Prices offered by this CBD product seller can be defined as competitive. However, cheaper prices don’t compromise on quality. With 100% natural hemp, you can expect the best quality products. Reviewed Hemp Rolls costs $12.99 for a package of 20. For Hemp Flowers, expect to pay somewhere between $5-$8 for 7g.

Final Word

As you can see, using hemp rolls and flowers can give you plenty of health benefits. Besides them, they can give you some stress relief after a difficult day, or simply be of great use for some relaxing smoking ritual.





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