The Latest Testimonials on the Effectiveness of CBD Oil

The Latest Testimonials on the Effectiveness of CBD Oil

1. Woman Reveals How CBD Oil Treated Her Severe Eczema


Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Cheryl Halliburton with bad Eczema)

Cheryl Halliburton claims to have used CBD oil to treat her severe eczema, by inhaling it through a vape. The woman has experienced serious eczema flare-ups for the past four years, which was after she got pregnant. With the condition causing her to be hospitalized in the past, she says that it reached a point where she was forced to look for alternative ways to overcome the situation.

After some research and trying different medications, she claims to have found a “miracle cure” in CBD oil (a natural cannabinoid derived from cannabis plant) as it has helped soothe her skin. She says that the skin disease had left her with red, sore skin, which cracked and formed weeping wounds. Besides, the condition made her feel so self-conscious and ill that she felt uncomfortable to leave the house.


Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Cheryl Halliburton with bad Eczema)

After exhausting the available options, the caretaker from Elgin, Scotland decided to try vaping CBD oil, and she claims that the natural remedy has provided a great effect on her ailing skin.

Cheryl claims: “The condition started when I was about 23 years old after I got pregnant with Alexis.

“It began on the back but cleared up after taking some steroids, and later the condition flared up on my neck and face and has been constant since then.

“I would suffer eczema flare-ups an uncontrollable itch occasionally depending on what I ate and no cream or skin product would soothe it, they would even make the condition worse.

She also says, “It would make feel like ripping my skin off. In fact, I felt like I could not move on with life as I was not getting any useful answers from the medical professionals.”

According to Cheryl, the itchy condition might have been triggered by hormone imbalance due to her pregnancy has she had eczema before as a child.

Cheryl reveals that she has also lost the count of the number of appointments that she has attended, where she was given light treatments, blood tests, and courses of steroids. With skin the condition, Cheryl could not go for any social engagements over the fear that alcohol and some foods would cause flare-ups on her skin or even wear makeup.


Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Cheryl Halliburton with bad Eczema)

However, this August she had to be taken to Dr. Gray’s hospital in Elgin by her husband, Craig, after her skin’s condition became unmanageable.

“There were open and weeping wounds on my chest, and I could not also move my neck and face,” she recalled.

Cheryl continued: “I felt that I wanted to be sick as my body was cold and shaky, and I was put on a drip throughout the night to treat a skin infection that I had contacted.

“The doctors decided to discharge me so that I could be treated at home since all my tests came with normal results, but I pleaded with a nurse as I felt that I could not go on. This dashed my only hope of getting any answer from doctors.”

After the outcome, Cheryl’s dad was the first person to suggest CBD oil, before she learned of a shop that sold the product in the form of a vape.

Cheryl was stunned with the results, as her skin had begun to clear up in just two weeks. She also noticed that some of the foods that aggravated her eczema previously did not have the same reaction her anymore.

She concluded: “After the amazing results I have not looked back. Besides, I am now able to get out of the house comfortably with my daughter Alexis for shopping and also go back to my job. My little daughter has also noticed the impact that CBD oil has had on our lives as she was forced to stay indoors with me in the past.

“I cannot believe that I can eat some of the foods that I could not for a long time without flare-ups, including bread, a glass of wine and other things.

“I hope that the natural remedy continues to work to allow me to lead a normal life.”

2. Louth mother shares a story of how CBD oil transformed her daughter’s life

Zoe suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy

zoe featured

Lynda Bannon, a mother of four from Dundalk reveals how CBD oil helped her daughter to start talking and walking for the first time.

The poor health of her daughter Zoe who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy was pushing her to a state of desperation when she met an American support group online. She decided to try CBD oil for anxiety problem first after realizing that many of the members in the group were praising it.

“I decided to try CBD oil first since I experience bad anxiety and IBS,” She claimed.

“I was able to get amazing benefits, which helped me come off my anxiety medication.

“After these great benefits, I felt that it was now time to try it on my little daughter Zoe.”

Initially, Zoe was not able to do most of the things apart from sitting up, but after taking CBD oil treatment for some weeks, she was able to talk, count to ten and even sing and also made her first steps.


“It is unbelievable as it has completely transformed her life as she is livelier now than ever before,” claims Lynda.

“She now wants to go out and play with her sisters unlike before taking CBD oil where she would always stick by her parent’s side. Besides, we can see improvements every week.

“With the treatment, Zoe can now take solid food and also come off her bowel medication for the first time.

zoe 2

Zoe, mother and sisters

“The great health improvements excites and fills us with joy every day, rarely does a day go without shedding tears with happiness.”

According to her, the most exciting moment in Zoe’s journey to recovery is she saw Zoe take her first steps, which was the dying wish of Lynda’s mother.

“My mother always wished to see Zoe walking, but we did not think that it was possible. Therefore, this was a really great moment for us though my mother passed away recently without witnessing it.” She continued.

She also admits that at first, she was afraid of trying this controversial treatment on her daughter, which is why she decided to test it on herself first.

“Taking CBD oil is like a taboo in Ireland, but with such experience, I learned that we could be a bit backward with things,” she explained.

“With such culture, I was at first afraid to tell other people that I was using Cannabis oil on my daughter. Would it sound wrong?

“I expected to receive a backlash, but I am amazed that so far I have got nothing but positive responses.”

When asked whether she has any advice for parents in a similar situation, she claimed that she would advise them to try it and see the results.

“I would also advise even parents with autistic spectrum to try CBD oil,” She said.

“It is safe and effective, and I have not yet seen any side effects, so I can never take my little daughter off it.”

Currently, Lynda and her husband are trying to raise 100,000 Euros to allow their daughter have a surgery in the U.S that will get rid of the spasticity in her muscles for her to lead a healthy life.

You can give your donation here.

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