The Lighthearted Farmer Review

The Lighthearted Farmer Review

The Lighthearted Farmer Review

Anyone who uses CBD products recognizes the need for organically-sourced material from a company with a responsible farming background. The Lighthearted Farmer is another great example of a hemp company that provides pure, organic, and responsibly-sourced products for their consumers to enjoy. 

In this article, we won’t be looking at their CBD products only, and we will also explore The Lighthearted Farmer’s views, practices, and aspirations as a company. After all, most of us consumers want a company that focuses on their products and consumers, and not just their growth alone. 


The Lighthearted Farmer

The Lighthearted Famer is a company that provides wholesome hemp products that are cultivated from the biodiverse soil. They use intelligent farming in order to produce CBD rich hemp while minimizing their effect on nature. With a holistic outlook, The Lighthearted Farmer considers each part of the whole to promote sustainable farming, which will not only benefit their consumers but the environment as well.

The Lighthearted Farmer company was started by the amazing Keller family, who, with three generations of farming history, have started a hemp business backed up by passion and skill to combine business and wellness. In their endeavor for a sustainable world full of ease, harmony, and joy, they have created top-quality hemp products that we have found to be some of the best on the market.

How The Light Hearted Farmer grows high-quality plants

The Lighthearted Farmer prides itself on their careful overseeing of their hemp’s life cycle– from seed to CBD. Their hands-on management ensures that consumers are getting the purest and highest quality hemp products, without any pesticides or byproducts that are harmful to both humans and the environment.

The cannabis that The Lighthearted Farmer grows is high in resin and CBD but low in THC. The company sources locally-bought seeds in southern Oregon, which are then planted and cared for by hand in their organic farm. Harvesting is done in early fall wherein they carefully trim each flower and dry it. Note that the flower is the part of the plant wherein the best components are found.

The extraction process is done in The Lighthearted Farmer’s commercial kitchen, where years of experimentation and research have equipped them to extract the beneficial cannabinoids from the oil effectively. Then, they blend the extracted CBD oil with ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids and organic essential oils to bring out the flavor and effectivity of the product. 


The Lighthearted Farmer Products

Pet deLight CBD

Who says only humans get to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil? Thanks to The Lighthearted Farmer’s careful experimentation and creativity, they have produced a unique product for your beloved cats and dogs. The Pet deLight consists of a CBD dominant extract that also contains other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD oil, CBG, CBC, THC, organic hemp seed oil, and salmon oil. 

These cannabinoids have the same beneficial effects on humans, but with an added benefit of salmon oil which contains Omega-3 for your pet’s healthier skin and coat. Moreover, here are other reasons why cannabis is good for your pet:

  • Cannabis can help ease your pet’s anxiety and stress, as in times of moving houses, separations, or loud occasions such as parties and Fourth of Julys. 
  • Cannabis can help comfort your pet when they are in pain near the end of their lives.
  • Cannabis can support your pet’s health and give them more energy.
  • Cannabis may promote healthy gastrointestinal health and immune system, helping them avoid GI problems and diseases.
  • Due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cannabis, Pet deLight can help relieve pain and inflammation in your pets


Liquid Ease CBD 

Liquid Ease is one of the first products produced by The Lighthearted Farmer, with every batch individually tested to ensure quality. Liquid Ease contains cannabis oil that is extracted from pure organic hemp, with over 725 mg of total cannabinoids. This formulation contains CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, as well as plant acids that combine to produce only the best cannabis oil. 

Aside from cannabinoids, Liquid Ease also contains other wholesome ingredients such as organic peppermint and organic hemp seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids for better effects on health and bodily function. This product can promote relaxation, peace of mind, and vitality of the body, with the most obvious of effects being felt in as little as 15 minutes. 

The Liquid Ease CBD oil comes in many different flavors for your enjoyment, such as peppermint, pure hemp flavor, sweet orange, and lavender. You can add Liquid Ease to almost any food or drink, or you can simply ingest it as is. 

Bulk RSO

If you are aspiring to create your own CBD-infused products, The Lighthearted Farmer does not keep their high-quality products for themselves. With their Bulk RSO offering, you can purchase bulk wholesale oil that you can use for your own formulations. However, legal sale of CBD oil would entail a dilution to below 0.3% THC, but you can ask The Lighthearted Farmer to test their oils for you including other cannabinoid content.

Just like their final products, the bulk oils by The Lighthearted Farmer is of top-notch quality, extracted from high-proof sugar cane alcohol and then distilled to remove the alcohol which leaves a thick, golden oil that is ready for blending. The golden oil is rich in CBD, CBC, CBG, and THC cannabinoids as well as other natural plant acids that enhance the oil’s effects. 


The Lighthearted Farmer is one of the most trusted hemp companies in the country, and this is because of their extensive background in hemp production, farming, and CBD research. The Keller family who owns the company is a team of passionate people who put importance in responsible farming, careful testing and labeling, and holistic production which ensures that all products are overseen from seed to CBD.

If you are looking for a new CBD oil to try, then we can definitely vouch for The Lighthearted Farmer’s pure, organic, and high-quality CBD oil that is made of the best-sourced cannabinoids in the country. Please remember to use the code “thecbdreviewer10” when you checkout to get 10% off. Enjoy shopping!!

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