Wellness Centers Now Infusing Spa Treatment with CBD Oil

Wellness Centers Now Infusing Spa Treatment with CBD Oil

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In the past few years, CBD oil has been making headlines and giving hope to many people with various health conditions and those seeking alternative medicine due to its numerous health benefits. It also appears to have made a huge splash on the wellness industry with many wellness centers embracing it in their quest to take their spa treatments to high levels. However, the new trend should not come as a surprise because Cannabidiol is a safe and effective compound with a host of potential health effects and is also free of psychoactive effects, unlike THC. Studies reveal that CBD helps reduce inflammation, ease anxiety and might also aid in treating acne as well as offer other promised benefits.

CBD oil is now becoming increasingly common in places where people go to relax or bliss out such as the Spas due to its mildly relaxing effect. Consequently, several wellness centers across the U.S are turning to CBD oil for manicures, massages and other Spa treatments as a way to ensure that they stand out from their competition. Here we look at the 10-wellness centers that you can consider for a spa treatment with CBD oil:

1. Simple Massage

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Simple Massage is a spa treatment by Hilton Vail at DoubleTree in Colorado that offers one of the best massages. The Spa is now taking the client’s experience to a new level by adding CBD to any treatment, which has made its unique treatment even better. Moreover, Simple Massage has recently opened a resident spa at DoubleTree in Vail that allows you to shop for CBD infused lotions, bath bombs, and oils.

2. Spa Anjali at the Western Riverfront

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Spa Anjali is another popular spa treatment in Avon Colorado that has added Green CBD Spa Treatment to its menu. The Spa boasts of great massage therapists who start the procedure by applying a compound that features activated hemp extract to achey shoulders, stiff neck and other areas of concern. It creates a soothing and tingly feeling that is similar to Tiger Balm effects. After a 50-75 minute rejuvenating massage with Mary’s Nutritionals’ hemp-based oil, you will also get a chance for scenic views from the Westin’s pool deck as you enjoy sipping a green smoothie.

3. Ildi Pekar Wellness Studio

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As the name suggests, esthetician Ildi Pekar, a celebrity who has helped many models, such as Lindsay Ellingson and Miranda Kerr to achieve glowing skin, owns this wellness center. Ildi Pekar is an expert in combining innovative technologies with traditional remedies for excellent results. His CBD Vibe Facial begins with electric stimulation, which helps tone and tightens the face. After that, CBD oil is applied to hydrate the skin and also offer other additional benefits such as reducing inflammation. The last step is the oxygen therapy, which promotes the production of collagen and balances the skin’s PH level, resulting in a youthful and beautiful complexion. Therefore, if you are in New York City, you can try this green spa treatment as it has been proven to work on different celebrities.

4. Bellacures

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If you are looking for a reputable place for manicures and pedicures around Los Angeles, Bellacures is a great option. Berracures is a chain of nail salons, which has managed to improve the experience of its manicures and pedicures greatly with Kush Queen’s CBD-infused products. Most of the products in their manicure and pedicure services are infused with CBD oil, including the sugarcane scrub, tasty chocolate dessert, massage lotion and the bath bomb, which is applied in the foot soak. The “Canna-Cure” services will ensure that your toes and fingers are well polished and relaxed.

5. Modrn Sanctuary

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Modrn Sanctuary is the one-stop shop that you should consider for full body and mind wellness as it offers a wide variety of services. These include deep-tissue massage, chakra balancing, life coaching or aromatherapy. Currently, most of the on-site practitioners are infusing Veritas Farms hemp oil and CBD oil into some massages, physical therapy, acupuncture and other treatments. Therefore, if you are in New York, visit this place to enjoy their services. You can also pick up some hemp oil products from their gift shop at NoMad wellness center to take the pleasant experience with you.

6. Four Moon Spa

Four Moon Spa is one is one of the most popular wellness centers in California. The Spa offers Thrival CBD massage, which has become a massive hit among its clients. Thrival is a therapeutic full-body massage that involves applying balm and cannabidiol-infused tincture with the aim of adjusting imbalances within your body. Moreover, this modern center allows you to choose the duration of the treatments, which include 60, 75 or 90-minute treatments.

7. Spa Solage, An Auberge Resort

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Spa Solage is a wellness center located in Napa Valley that is known for infusing the natural healing properties into its luxurious treatments. These include its mineral-rich mud and geothermal pools therapy. Now, the Spa is taking its healing therapies of natural to a new level by providing massages, body scrubs, and facials with Healthy Lotus CBD oil.

The “Mellow Me Out” package is a two-hour and 15-minute page that might be an excellent way to experience the new addition to their menu, as it involves the use of CBD oil in every step. These include hair treatment, massage, body scrub and much more. Moreover, the modern wellness center consists of a pet-friendly hotel, which makes it ideal for pet lovers. Apart from providing a little rest, the hotel is also considering to start offering CBD treats to the pets to ensure that they also relax after spending some time in the car.

8. Spa at St. Julien

Spa at St Julien in Boulder, CO, is the latest spa to start providing CBD treatments. The award-winning wellness center launched “The Ultimate Colorado Bliss Experience.” The package starts with exfoliation of the whole body to help get rid of dead cells from the skin, which allows CBD products to be absorbed optimally. Then, you will be wrapped with CBD oil-infused sage and lavender body butter while receiving a scalp massage with hot oil. Finally, the treatment proceeds with the use of CBD oil for a full-body massage and end with a CBD oil-infused iced tea.

9. Reme’de Spa at The St. Regis San Francisco

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Reme’de Spa is another high-end wellness center, which offers luxurious massages that mainly use essential oils. The Love & Haight treatment involves the use of hot CBD oil with the aim of providing pain-relieving and calming effects. Moreover, the wellness center offers you two options to keep the relaxation going after the treatment, which includes a soak in the eucalyptus steam room or a dip in its salty water infinity pool.

10. Away Spa at the W Austin

The Spa offers amazing menu of treatments that sets it above most of the spa treatments in Austin as Music icons inspire its treatments. It draws its inspiration from Willie Nelson for its CBD spa treatment, which is referred to as “On the Road Again.” The CBD spa treatment includes a full-body massage, paraffin soak, foot scrubbing, de-puffing face treatment and hot stone neck massage. As the name of the package suggests, you would like to enjoy the 105 minutes of relaxation and restoration before you get on the road again.


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