What You Need To Know About CBD Vaginal Suppositories

What You Need To Know About CBD Vaginal Suppositories


In the recent past, cannabis products have been making headlines for their numerous health benefits. There are several claims that cannabidiol (CBD) can treat a variety of illnesses, which makes it appear as if the compound can potentially heal any bodily ailment or health concern. Some of the common illnesses that CBD can treat include anxiety, skin conditions, chronic pain as well as severe cramps by sticking CBD up the vagina.

Consequently, there is a variety of vaginal suppositories on the market made from CBD by a number of CBD companies. Vaginal suppositories are specially designed to help in treating pain that is associated with menstrual cramps.

As mentioned above, CBD is a legal component found in hemp and marijuana that helps in treating pain. It is not a surprise that CBD companies are turning to the CBD as a safe and effective way to relieve painful periods. However, there is less research on CBD due to some of the restrictive rules, but the compound is known to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Most of the women that experience horrible cramps are concerned that inserting CBD into their vagina could cause more issues than offer a solution.

What Studies Say about CBD Vaginal Suppository

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Carolyn DeLucia, an Ob/Gyn, FACOG and an MD at a Medi-spa and also a specialist in CBD products and vaginal treatments clarifies that “the vagina is an ideal part to have anything absorbed into the body system. “The vagina features a porous wall covered with the mucosal area, which allows any medication (such as some birth control and hormonal medication) taken intravaginally to be directly absorbed into your bloodstream, She explains. She also states, “The use of vaginal suppositories ensures a systematic absorption of CBD.” According to Dr. DeLucia, a 100 mg hemp derived CBD suppository takes about 20 minutes after being inserted to dissolve and get absorbed in the bloodstream. “Therefore, after this time, you can expect to feel relaxed and calm in your entire body, but also somehow sleepy,” she says. Moreover, she also argues that CBD suppositories could temporarily help in relieving pain, including painful periods as it may offer an “analgesic” effect.

However, despite all these studies and claims that show CBD suppositories can potentially help solve PMS issues, some people are still skeptical of its use for a given reasons. First, in April, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a particular CBD medication, but this does not include CBD products, as it does not regulate such hemp products. According to Adeeti Gupta, Ob/Gyn, FACOG, and MD who works in Manhattan at Walk-In Gyn Care, “There are no studies that give reliable evidence of harm and benefit of CBD suppositories and they have also not been approved by FDA. Usually, every person will be looking for an FDA-approved product, if it involves inserting it into your body. This serves as an assurance that the product has been proven effective and contains safe ingredients.

“Inserting almost anything can alter the pH of your vagina,” Dr. DeLucia warns. It is highly likely that you have been warned against inserting any gels, creams or other formulas into your vagina regardless of whether they claim to be “gynecologist-tested” or “all natural.” This explains why Ob/Gyns recommend that you avoid douching and use mild unscented soaps when it comes to washing around the genitals.

However, most of the CBD suppositories, including the one recommended by Dr. DeLucia are made solely from coconut oil, which is a safe thing to insert into your vagina. According to Dr. Gupta, CBD suppositories act as emollients by forming a neutral film rather than resulting in chemical interactions. Thus, they should not affect the pH.” But, it is advisable to choose a product that is free of preservatives, hidden ingredients and stabilizers and you should read what you are taking in your body,” Dr. Gupta adds.

Finally, Dr. DeLucia argues that it is common for the pH to change in your vagina in general when you are bleeding during periods, since “your body is flushing out things to clean your system naturally,” she says. Therefore, using a suppository for your periods might not specifically cause any problem to your vaginal pH,” she continues. However, according to her, it is advisable to allow the suppository to dissolve fully before inserting a tampon.

Is Using CBD Suppository a Good Idea?

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When it comes to a CBD suppository, there is no solid evidence that it helps alleviate pain during your periods. Besides, studies show that inserting any substance into the vaginal may cause some issues.

A study by the University of Guelph reveals that women who use vaginal gels, wipes, washes and practice douching are at a higher risk of experiencing various types of vaginal infections. Stating it differently, inserting anything into your vagina may result in an unpleasant reaction.

“According to most physicians, the new CBD treatments should be medically tested before they are endorsed as treatments for pain in periods, especially with the changing rules on pot and legalization of marijuana in Canada,” Says Dr. Farid Abdel Hadi, a gynecologist.

He also believes that formal testing needs to be done on CBD products to confirm adequate dosing, safety, and side effects. This is likely to happen soon. “As the restrictive rules on pot are gradually changing, clearer and reliable studies that address side effects and the benefits of marijuana products will emerge,” says Dr. Farid.
Dr. Hance Clarke, a director at Toronto General Hospital, echoed the same stance. He advises that if you are experiencing severe pain during your periods, you should consult your doctor before trying an unregulated product. “Besides, all pain is not alike, so it is good to visit your doctor for diagnosis rather than assuming that any product that has CBD relieves any pain,” he adds.

Other Uses of CBD Vaginal Suppositories

Apart from helping in relieving pain associated with periods, vaginal suppositories are also used to treat different medical problems, including vaginal dryness and fungal infections. However, it is advisable to consult a medical professional before using one, as some can also be potentially harmful.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, some studies have shown that CBD vaginal suppositories offer a safe and effective way to manage painful periods. However, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist before you use a CBD suppository or any alternative treating involving CBD. It is also good to understand that there is CBD do not have a standardized dose, which means that different people respond differently to it. Moreover, CBD vaginal suppositories are marketed for PMS. Thus, there is no guarantee that they will really be effective in relieving your cramps.


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